Funny Quotes About Meetings


Democracy is not about protests. Democracy is about meetings. David Frum

I can tell you how bad our boards are... I don't have to watch Saturday Night Live anymore; I just go to the board meetings. Carl Icahn

I think there needs to be a meeting to set an agenda for more meetings about meetings. Jonah Goldberg

Engaging people is about meeting their needs, not yours Tony Robbins

Meeting writers is always so disappointing. I got over wanting to meet live writers quite a long time ago. There is this terrific book that has changed your life, and then you meet the author, and he has shifty eyes and funny shoes and he won't talk about anything except the injustice of the United States income tax structure toward people with fluctuating income, or how to breed Black Angus cows, or something. Ursula K Le Guin

Recovery is about purpose and meaning in life, not "sobriety" and meetings. Stanton Peele

Real entrepreneurs do what they say they're going to do, wannabes ask about it and have tons and tons of coffee meetings. Brian Wong

One of the things that struck me as unique about Hollywood is that I never had bad meetings. There were all enthusiastic, but meaninglessly enthusiastic. Mark Leyner

Don't have any meetings about your web strategy. Just do stuff. First you have to fail, then you can improve. Seth Godin

I never had meetings with Russian operatives or Russian intermediaries about the [Donald] Trump campaign. Jeff Sessions

I felt uneasy about making the rapid decisions I have always made, and wondered whether every decision should be formally ratified and minuted at a board meeting. Richard Branson

I like working, I'm not into relaxing. Work motivates me, and even when I do take a holiday, I meet friends, talk about projects and set up meetings, set meetings between other people, or get involved. Aidan Turner

The story [of Allied ] itself is the story I wrote, and that's what's great about Bob [Zemeckis ]. You have meetings, but it's meetings for clarity, not to change what they're saying or doing. He takes what's on the page and executes it so brilliantly. Steven Knight

I remember meeting a mother of a child who was abducted by the North Koreans right here in the Oval Office. George W Bush

Rome did not create a great empire by having meetings, they did it by killing all those who opposed them. If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style. Quentin Crisp

It's weird to be called a celebrity or talk about it. I don't talk about being a celebrity in my business meetings. I don't talk about it with my friends. It's not a part of my life. It's a media perception of who I am. Mary-Kate Olsen

So there's no typical day, but I transition through the course of my business day by doing everything from construction meetings on the development project under construction to design meetings for an upcoming apparel delivery to acquisition meetings about projects we're looking to acquire. It's very diverse in terms of content, substance, and what I address on a typical day. Ivanka Trump

Excellence isn't about meeting the spec, it's about setting the spec. Seth Godin

It's not about the church meeting your needs; it's about joining the mission of God's people to meet the world's needs. Brian D. McLaren

When I was at Brown. In other words, I'd heard about [H.P. Lovecraft], but I didn't pay that much attention till I happened to go to a meeting about it. And then I got just totally turned on. Paul Laffoley



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