Quotes About Early Childhood Play


In early childhood, children develop a set of symbols that 'stand for' things they see in the world around them... Children are happy with symbolic drawing until about the age of eight or nine... when children develop a passion for realism. Our schools do not provide drawing instruction. Children try on their own to discover the secrets of realistic drawing, but nearly always fail and, sadly, give up on trying. Betty Edwards

From early childhood I had always dreamed of becoming an explorer. Somehow I had acquired the impression that an explorer was someone who lived in the jungle with natives and lots of wild animals, and I couldn't imagine anything better than that! Unlike other little boys, most of whom changed their minds about what they want to be several times as they grew older, I never wavered from this ambition. John Goddard

I have had a long unabashed love affair with dogs that stretches back to early childhood. Caspar Weinberger

The years of early childhood are the time to prepare the soil. Rachel Carson

Our fascination with gold is related to the fantasies of early childhood. Sigmund Freud

How one handles success or failure is determined by their early childhood. Harold Ramis

Your memories from your early childhood seem to have such purchase on your emotions. They are so concrete. Dana Spiotta

Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high. Anne M Mulcahy

We spend at least $5 for remedial education right now for every dollar we put in early childhood education. All the studies on early childhood education show this is going to pay for itself. Tim Kaine

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older. Tom Stoppard

Only one in five children in the U.S. lives within walking distance of a park. Many more lack access to a quality early childhood education that provides ample time and space to play. Darell Hammond

Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world. Maria Montessori

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. Margaret Mead

The events of childhood do not pass but repeat themselves like seasons of the year. Eleanor Farjeon

Our nearly century-long experiment in banning marijuana has failed as abysmally as Prohibition did... In contrast, legalizing and taxing marijuana would bring in substantial sums that could be used to pay for schools, libraries or early childhood education. Nicholas D Kristof

The best way to improve the American workforce in the 21st century is to invest in early childhood education, to ensure that even the most disadvantaged children have the opportunity to succeed along side their more advantaged peers James Heckman

A first class system of early childhood education is the hallmark of a caring and civilized society. Andy Hargreaves

If we expect our children to thrive at our colleges and universities, and succeed in our economy once they graduate - first we must make quality, affordable early childhood education accessible to all. Kirsten Gillibrand

Some men have a necessity to be mean, as if they were exercising a faculty which they had to partially neglect since early childhood. F Scott Fitzgerald

Play is the work of childhood. Jean Piaget



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