Quotes About Cell Phone Use


If you use a cell phone - as I do - your wireless carrier likely has records about your physical movements going back months, if not years. Al Franken

Most people hate cell phone use on trains; I love cell phone use on trains. What do you want to do, read that report on your lap, or hear about your neighbour's worst date ever? Liza Mundy

Who the hell uses a burner cell phone when they're not trying to hide something? [..] Only dope dealers, and Hell's Angels, and Tony Soprano use burner cell phones. Pat Martin

I chose the Xperia based on its functions. Apart from using the phone to communicate, I also use it to take pictures. The image quality with this cell phone is great. Okky Madasari

I use technology for communication, but I don't have a Blackberry or an iPhone. I use an outdated cell phone, but I'm fine with it. Nicolas Cage

Mobile is no longer about what you can do on your cell phone. Mobile is all about doing more, all of the time. Mitch Joel

I use my cell phone as much as I can - I talk to friends all the time. I'm like 2,000 hours a month. It's crazy Lisa Loeb

I don't believe in e-mail. I rarely use a cell phone and I don't have a fax. Seth Green

And understand that scarce spectrum is used today for example for cell phone operators, they have to pay for the airwaves they use, for their services. Robert Waterman McChesney

I lose my cell phone so much that I switch it every month or so, but Sony Ericsson is usually what I use. Chris Pratt

Dial Star' is about an aspiring actress who finds the cell phone of AnnaLynne McCord and impersonates her. Annalynne Mccord

I remember one point seeing I had like 60-some different cell phones. I know I only use one. Bernie Kosar

I'm not complaining about my cell phone - all my friends are in there, and all my favorite songs and all my favorite Benedict Cumberbatch GIFs; I don't want to give it up. But cell phones are the worst for talking on the phone. Rainbow Rowell

I think there's much more privileging of the new in art. I think people want to think they privilege the new in writing, but I agree with Virginia Woolf. She wrote a great essay called "Craftsmanship" about how difficult it is to use new words. It's really hard, but you see them coming in because obviously, if you're going to write... I mean, even to write "cell phone" in a novel - it's so boring. Lynne Tillman

I write all the time. The wonderful thing about having a cell phone is that if I get an idea, I knock it out and it's in my phone and I can transfer it to my computer and go into the studio and bring it up. Ian Astbury

I was just in the middle of singing a song about how broke we were and now my cell phone rings. Joel Madden

The increase in chemicals and the increase in technology, like wi-fi and cell phone use that's going through our bodies all of the time is something that is big on my radar. Mason Jennings

I really chess-play culture shifts. I'm really good at understanding what worldwide cell-phone use means. That's what I do. I try to picture it three to four to five steps ahead. Gary Vaynerchuk

There weren't even cell phones when we started Garbage, we'd have to pull over to the side of the road and use a payphone to call the venue to make sure you knew where you were going and now of course everything is completely changed. Butch Vig

While accessory items and embedded features help minimize driver distraction, nothing replaces simple common-sense when using a cell phone in the car. Pull over to the side of the road to dial manually, know the features and functions of your phone before you drive and allow voice mail to pick up your calls if you are driving - these are all simple and commonsensical steps we can all take to minimize distraction from in-car cell phone use. Gary Shapiro



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