Quote About Not Being Negative


It's not even about being negative. It's just being unsettled, unsatisfied, unfinished. Kevin Spacey

I do care about the consequences of being negative toward people who are powerful. But I'm more afraid of not being taken seriously as a critic - by editors, by readers. Dan Chiasson

I feel positive about what I do. And, whoever is doing reggae, they have to have positive words and no negativity. They have to be positive. Yes, if you call it reggae, and it is negative words, it is not reggae. Toots Hibbert

We must not constantly talk about tackling obesity and warning people about the negative consequences of obesity. Instead we must be positive - positive about the fun and benefits to be had from healthy living, trying to get rid of people's excuses for being obese by tackling the issue in a positive way. Andrew Lansley

Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative. Ralph Marston

A very painful part of being a parent is having really negative feelings about your children when you love them so much. Louis C K

If you're not thinking about a negative thought, your vibration is going to raise to its natural positive place. Esther Hicks

I try not to think about negative thoughts and possibilities and disaster and things like that. Rory Cochrane

Being able to provoke a different point of view to the standard current ideological or political perspective as played out in conventional newspaper or radio reportage is what a public intellectual does. But it's not merely about being oppositional, because that's too negative. Susie Orbach

Do you have to think specific positive thoughts about your body in order for your body to be the way you want it to be? No. But you have to not think the specific negative thoughts. If you could never again think about your body and, instead, just think pleasant thoughts - your body would reclaim its place of Well-being. Esther Hicks

Every story I read about Google is about us vs some other company, or something else, and I really don't find that interesting. We should be building great things that don't exist. Being negative is not how we make progress. Larry Page

Based means being yourself. Not being scared of what people think about you. Not being afraid to do what you wanna do. Being positive. When I was younger, based was a negative term that meant like dopehead, or basehead. People used to make fun of me. They was like, "You're based." They'd use it as a negative. And what I did was turn that negative into a positive. I started embracing it like, "Yeah, I'm based." I made it mine. I embedded it in my head. Based is positive. Lil B

People who complain often say things like, 'I'm not being negative, I'm just being realistic.' Really? How is it anymore 'realistic' to focus on and talk about things that discourage us and make us feel bad, than to focus on and talk about the POSITIVE aspects of life that make us feel GOOD? Both area equally REALISTIC, but which you choose to dwell on has a very different impact on the quality of YOUR life. Hal Elrod

I have come a long way and learnt a lot. I read this quote about a year ago: 'Happiness must not be pursued; it must ensue.' It's made me realise that just being married again or something like that won't make me happy; the happiness ensues from how we live our lives. Lucy Davis

I don't like to read about myself, whether it be positive or negative. Chloe Sevigny

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership. Ralph Marston

People really get myopic as they get older. We're not a culture that encourages dreaming or distraction. We're not ever good at just being. I remember reading some Adrienne Rich quote where she talks about how important it was just to watch bubbles rise in a glass. Karen Russell

Drop all negative thoughts from the mind. Do not dwell on adversity but think plenty into everything, for there is power in the word. Meditate on the things you are doing as being already done - complete and perfect. Ernest Holmes

When they put me on ESPN and they talk about negative things, or when they put me on TMZ and they talk about negative things, I'm just glad that I'm relevant; to have lasted this long being relevant. Floyd Mayweather Jr

Use short sentences. Use short first paragraphs. Use vigorous English. Be positive, not negative. Ernest Hemingway



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