Quincy Jones Quotes


The act of multitrack recording is the act of arranging. Quincy Jones

Everybody has their idiosyncrasies. Quincy Jones

I'm not a psychiatrist. Quincy Jones

I don't ever want to grow up. That's boring. Quincy Jones

I live on the Internet. Quincy Jones

Billy Strayhorn wrote Multicolored Blue. Billy to me is the boss of the arrangers. Quincy Jones

The process is the most beautiful part. Quincy Jones

You Make Your Mistakes To Learn How To Get To The Good Stuff Quincy Jones

Young people should travel, and they don't. You can't know if you don't go. Quincy Jones

Imagine what a harmonious world it... Quincy Jones

You have to know that your real home is within. Quincy Jones

The only music I don't like is bad music. Quincy Jones

I've always thought that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the soul saying, Ain't that the truth. Quincy Jones

Excellence isn't an act, it's a habit Quincy Jones

Playing the game, and unfortunately, playing the gangster game is very profitable. Quincy Jones

I believe in astrology as much as I do in genetics. Quincy Jones

I'm Pisces with Leo rising. The Pisces part is the dreamer. The Leo says, 'Let's execute.' Quincy Jones

I'm a great believer in letting lyrics just flow out, wherever they come from. Quincy Jones

You cannot get an A if you're afraid of getting an F. Quincy Jones

I hope that on my tombstone it says 'Born 1933, died 2043.' I hope that's my legacy. Quincy Jones



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