Quantum Theory Quotes


Classical physics has been superseded by quantum theory: quantum theory is verified by experiments. Experiments must be described in terms of classical physics. Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker

If [quantum theory] is correct, it signifies the end of physics as a science. Albert Einstein

The more success the quantum theory has, the sillier it looks Albert Einstein

If all this damned quantum jumping were really here to stay, I should be sorry, I should be sorry I ever got involved with quantum theory. Erwin Schrodinger

There's far more truth in the Book of Genesis than in the quantum theory. Malcolm Muggeridge

You have nothing to do but mention the quantum theory, and people will take your voice for the voice of science, and belive anything. George Bernard Shaw

For the most part, quantum theory has been of little practical value in my life. Jenny Diski

When you look at a vacuum in a quantum theory of fields, it isn't exactly nothing. Peter Higgs

The girl I find who wants to talk about quantum theory in a bar is the one I want to marry. Brandon Boyd

The problem is that replacement of Quantum Mechanics by Quantum Field Theory is still very demanding. Martin Fleischmann

Bell's theorem...proves that quantum theory requires connections that appear to resemble telepathic communication. Gary Zukav

If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet. Niels Bohr

If we are going t stick to this damned quantum-jumping, then I regret that I ever had anything to do with quantum theory. Erwin Schrodinger

Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it. Niels Bohr

Quantum mechanics, that brilliantly successful flagship theory of modern science, is deeply mysterious and hard to understand. Eastern mystics have always been deeply mysterious and hard to understand. Therefore, Eastern mystics must have been talking about quantum theory all along. Richard Dawkins

It is often stated that of all the theories proposed in this century, the silliest is quantum theory. In fact, some say that the only thing that quantum theory has going for it is that it is unquestionably correct. Michio Kaku

I did my masters in elementary particles. But the foundations of elementary particles is quantum theory and there were too many conceptual problems around quantum theory that I couldn't live with. So I decided I was going to work on the foundations of quantum theory. That's what I did my Ph.D on. Vandana Shiva

Despite the unrivaled empirical success of quantum theory, the very suggestion that it may be literally true as a description of nature is still greeted with cynicism, incomprehension, and even anger. David Deutsch

And anyone who thinks they can talk about quantum theory without feeling dizzy hasn't yet understood the first thing about it. Niels Bohr

There was quantum mechanics, string theory, and then there was the most mind-bending frontier of the natural world, women. Marisha Pessl



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