Proposal Quotes


Christianity is God's marriage proposal to the soul. Peter Kreeft

Yes, the marriage proposal was shot. Michael excluded the dialogue from the final edit. Madeleine Stowe

WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText Project Tim Berners-Lee

About that proposal, cupcake..." Morelli Janet Evanovich

My proposal happens to be very mainstream. Noam Chomsky

Is this a proposal? I'm married now, you know. Rod Steiger

Danzhol. The one with the marriage proposal and the objections to the town charter in central Monsea. "Bacon," Bitterblue muttered. "Bacon!" she repeated, then carefully made her way up the spiral stairs. Kristin Cashore

It's nice to know you have support. Last night I got a marriage proposal. I just laughed. Carrie Underwood

Controversial proposals, once accepted, soon become hallowed. Dean Acheson

It's very difficult to decide. And I'm very open to proposals. Paz Vega

I've had marriage proposals, invitations to military balls and even a few prom offers from 18-year-old boys. Hope Solo

I'm not at all a linear thinker. I know the feeling I want to convey, but the form is what I struggle to find. I'm sure I'd fail if I tried to write a grant proposal or a book proposal. Phoebe Gloeckner

First and foremost, any business proposal I like must sound fun. Richard Branson

The conservatives want to revolutionize the world all at once. And that's a dangerous proposal. Bernard-Henri Levy

On the last day, Chelsea made a great proposal and I accepted. Robinho

I was working on a flat tax proposal and accidentally proved there was no God. Homer

I'm afraid I was very much the traditionalist. I went down on one knee and dictated a proposal which my secretary faxed over straight away. Stephen Fry

The Republicans have a new healthcare proposal: Just say NO to illness! Mark Russell

I have already prepared my counter proposal. It reads thusly: you may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly! Barnabas

Ben Carson also denounced [Donald] Trump`s ban all Muslims proposal saying we do not and would not advocate being selective on one`s religion. Rachel Maddow



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