Prayer For My Friend Quotes


I always begin my prayer in silence, for it is in the silence of the heart that God speaks. God is the friend of silence-we need to listen to God because it's not what we say but what He says to us and through us that matters. Mother Teresa

I've discovered it is not sufficient simply to try to take time for quietness but that I must, with all diligence, make time. Whatever keeps me from prayer, solitude, and the Bible, however good it appears, is my enemy if I am to be God's devoted friend and follower. Tommy Barnett

Friends are relatives you make for yourself. Eustache Deschamps

Today the world lost a visionary leader, the technology industry lost an iconic legend and I lost a friend and fellow founder. The legacy of Steve Jobs will be remembered for generations to come. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to the Apple team. Michael Dell

Obstinate are the trammels, but my heart aches when I try to break them. Freedom is all I want, but to hope for it I feel ashamed. I am certain that priceless wealth is in thee, and that thou art my best friend, but I have not the heart to sweep away the tinsel that fills my room. The shroud that covers me is a shroud of dust and death; I hate it, yet hug it in love. My debts are large, my failures great, my shame secret and heavy; yet when I come to ask for my good, I quake in fear lest my prayer be granted. Rabindranath Tagore

My love for prayer was an answer to prayer. Francis Chan

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. John Bunyan

Listen, my friend! Your helplessness is your best prayer. It calls from your heart to the heart of God with greater effect than all your uttered pleas. He hears it from the very moment that you are seized with helplessness, and He becomes actively engaged at once in hearing and answering the prayer of your helplessness. Ole Hallesby

I do not ask for a path with no trouble or regret. I ask instead for a friend who'll walk with me down any path.I do not ask never to feel pain. I ask instead for courage, even when hope can scarce shine through.And one more thing I ask:That in every hour of joy or pain, I feel the Creator close by my side. This is my truest prayer for myself and for all I love, now and forever, Amen. Kersten Hamilton

If you're tolerating sin in your life, my friend, don't waste your breath praying unless it's a prayer of confession. Bill Hybels

I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day. Bam Margera

My helpless friend, your helplessness is the most powerful plea which rises up to the tender father-heart of God. You think that everything is closed to you because you cannot pray. My friend, your helplessness is the very essence of prayer. Ole Hallesby

You're my best friend, Shmuel,' he said. 'My best friend for life. John Boyne

The sky is my prayer, the birds are my prayer, the wind in the trees is my prayer, for God is all in all. Thomas Merton

Best friends listen to what you don't say. Samantha Norman

My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death is all for Allah, The Lord of The Worlds. Louis Farrakhan

If somebody needs, like, a phone call every day or some kind of constant companionship, I'm not a really good friend for them. I can talk to my best friend every couple years and be really happy. Patricia Arquette

You're my best friend, Shmuel," he said. "My best friend for life. John Boyne

Sometimes I'm asked to list the most important steps in preparing for an evangelistic mission, and my reply is always the same: prayer... prayer... prayer. Billy Graham

Study your prayers, a great part of my time is spent getting in tune for prayer. Robert Murray M'Cheyne



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