Powerful Bible Quotes


The story of Hosea and Gomer is the second most powerful picture of God's love in the Bible. Other than Christ's death, there is no greater picture of love. Jud Wilhite

Now the Name of Jesus is a concrete and powerful means of transforming men and women into their hidden, innermost utmost reality. Bible

Consider Palin for President? The most powerful job on earth? You don't give the dumb cheerleader the Uzi. That's in the Bible. Christopher Titus

It was stumbling on to really the bible of the blues, you know, and a very powerful drug to be introduced to us and I absorbed it totally, and it changed my complete outlook on music. Eric Clapton

The most vital, creative, and positive thoughts are those stated in the Bible. Its words are alive and form powerful thought processes. Norman Vincent Peale

I find the evidence for the deity of Jesus and the reliability of the Bible to be powerful and persuasive, and that evidence has only gotten stronger over the years. Lee Strobel

I have a really powerful urge to see things work. Bill Budge

When the printing press was invented, it was inspired by the desire to make the Bible accessible to everyone. Today, people of passion who want to share their faith and provide quality entertainment for families are working in one of the most powerful media of our time-the interactive video game. Jay Moore

In the Bible, we first encounter God when he sides with a bunch of slaves against a powerful Pharaoh, an act of grace freely given. Desmond Tutu

Powerful men who have powerful passions use much of their strength in forging chains for themselves. Gilbert K Chesterton

If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world. Emmet Fox

It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift. Beyonce Knowles

"The most powerful single idea in mathematics is the notion of a variable." Alexander Dewdney

Encouragement and hope are the two most powerful qualities any person can provide to others. Zig Ziglar

One of the most powerful ways to keep people controlled is to use faith or guns or both. Nikolaj Arcel

The Pentagon is, admissibly, the most powerful institution in history. Philip Berrigan

Stories are the single most powerful tool in a leader's toolkit. Howard Gardner

Murder is about power and the more powerful women get the more it will change the good that they do and the bad that they do. Patricia Cornwell

Words that are carefully framed and spoken are the most powerful means of communication there is. Nancy Duarte

But when you get music and words together, that can be a very powerful thing. Bryan Ferry



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