Power Couple Love Quotes


Love, Love, Love. All you need is love. Love is all you need. John Lennon

To make a young couple love each other, it is only necessary to oppose and separate them. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I love being one half of a romantic couple. Julianna Margulies

Successful couples love each other with complete devotion L. Whitney Clayton

A couple in love walking along the banks of the Seine are, in real fact, a couple in love walking along the banks of the Seine, not mere particles in motion. Stuart Kauffman

Ideally, both members of a couple in love free each other to new and different worlds. Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The greater the trust within the couple, the greater the opening to share in love. John Friend

Many couples have never learned the tremendous power of verbally affirming each other. Gary Chapman

Fasting for your marriage can change your marriage Jennifer E. Smith

Ask yourself every couple of minutes, 'Can I go harder? Can I do more?' You've got so much power. Show me. Chalene Johnson

Women love money. You give them a couple thousand bucks and they're happy. Rob Ford

Women love money. You give them a couple thousand bucks and they"re happy. Rob Ford

I thought I had fallen in love with a woman a couple of times. Then I fell in love with a man, and realised that none of those things had been love. George Michael

I place us where we are a happy couple who are madly in love, and we are kissing the way people kiss on their wedding day. With joy and relief and love. Without guilt. Without Shame. A.S. King

A newly married couple said, "What shall we do to make our love endure?" Said the Master, "Love other things together".... Anthony De Mello

This is a couple that actually loves, respects & appreciates each other. Tracee Ellis Ross

What is right for one couple is wrong for another. I would say that there are many more important factors to a happy marriage. Elizabeth Aston

The Beatles. I didn't like the ?rst couple of songs, but when I heard "She Loves You', it was like something went off in my head. Ozzy Osbourne

I've rarely met couples who - they both love to do everything together. Paul Mazursky

One of the great fallacies of our time is that the Nazis rose to power because they imposed order on chaos. Precisely the opposite is true - they were successful because they imposed chaos on order. They tore up the commandments, they denied the super-ego, what you will. They said, "You may persecute the minority, you may kill, you may torture, you may couple and breed without love." They offered humanity all its great temptations. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. John Fowles



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