Power and Support


Nuclear power is here to stay, and we need to support a strong domestic uranium industry. Michael C. Burgess

As you begin to understand the immense power and love you hold inside, you will find an unending surge of joy, light and love that will nourish and support you all the days of your life. Susan Jeffers

There are many different kinds of power. True power comes from serving and helping others. Such behavior makes people respect you. They are willing to listen to your views and advice, and they support you. The energy of many people is thus channeled through one person. This kind of power is positive and authentic. Dalai Lama

When the people who support and are a part of your community, the community you have the pleasure and power and opportunity to serve, that's where all the best business happens. Chris Brogan

Ponder the depth and the power of loyalty-the ability to serve and support a cause greater than yourself. Gary Zukav

Kindness is the power that moves us to support and heal someone who offers nothing in return. Lewis B Smedes

Nonviolence is something very powerful, and the power behind it is not weapons, but the support of the people. Arun Manilal Gandhi

The centralization of power in Washington, which nearly all members of Congress deplore in their speech and then support by their votes, steadily increases. Calvin Coolidge

I think white artists have a responsibility to be not only naming white supremacy, but to be using their power and privilege to support artists of color. Vivek Shraya

There is no evidence to support the belief that Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev ever questioned Americas power. He questioned only the President's John F. Kennedys readiness to use it. Elie Abel, The Missile Crisis (1966) Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lord Acton

They [women] can use their abilities to support each other, even as they develop more effective and appropriate ways of dealing with power.... Women do not need to diminish other women[they] need the power to advance their own development, but they do not "need" the power to limit the development of others. Jean Baker Miller

Voting is not only our right, it is our power. When we vote, we take back our power to choose, to speak up, and to stand with those who support us and each other. Loung Ung

I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am Ernest Holmes

Treat your body like a temple, not a woodshed. The mind and body work together. Your body needs to be a good support system for the mind and spirit. If you take good care of it, your body can take you wherever you want to go, with the power and strength and energy and vitality you will need to get there. Jim Rohn

The only way to truly be protected at all times is to claim your personal power with the highest code of ethics and responsibility. If you are centered in this type of power, the power of the universe supports you, and no one and nothing can defeat you. Christopher Penczak

When the power, prestige, and financial support of government is placed behind a particular religious belief, the indirect coercive pressure upon religious minorities to conform to the prevailing officially approved religion is plain. Hugo Black

I would say that today the real support for State power and totalitarianism comes from the Communist parties and the Socialist parties and, where they are sizable, the Trotskyist groups. They are the ones that really frighten me. Murray Bookchin

Character is power; it makes friends, draws patronage and support and opens the way to wealth, honor and happiness. John Howe

I would' call myself a feminist. I try to live by the girl-power motto. It's about believing in yourself, no matter how bad a day you're having, and lending your support to other women. It's empowering to have that camaraderie with other women. Melanie Brown

We will step up support for the non-commodity export sector, working more closely with potential buyers of Russian goods. We do have something to offer in the IT sphere, the nuclear power industry, aircraft manufacturing, the aerospace industry and a number of other sectors Dmitry Medvedev



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