Power and Death


The tongue has the power of life and death. Solomon

Opening to the power of intention, you begin knowing that conception, birth and death are all natural aspects of the energy field of creation. Wayne Dyer

Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to "die before you die" - and find that there is no death. Eckhart Tolle

If all power corrupts, then a doctor, who literally holds life and death in his hands, must be at particular risk. P D James

War is an initiation into the power of life and death. Women touch that power on the moment of birth, men at the edge of death. William Broyles, Jr.

We pull out of the ground death, we burn death in our power plants, and then we act shocked when we get death in the form of oil spills and global warming. Van Jones

I'm trying to engage issues of power and sexuality and money and life and death and power. Power is the most free-flowing element in society, maybe next to money, but in fact they both motor each other. Barbara Kruger

I put for the general inclination of all mankind, a perpetual and restless desire of power after power, that ceaseth only in death. Thomas Hobbes

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly. Richard Bach

the anxiety arising from the perpetual activity of the death instinct, though never eliminated, is counteracted and kept at bay by the power of the life instinct. Melanie Klein

Every man at time of Death, Would fain set forth some saying that may live After his death and better humankind; For death gives life's last word a power to live, And, lie the stone-cut epitaph, remain After the vanished voice, and speak to men. Alfred Tennyson

It is said that life and death are under the power of language. Helene Cixous

Everyone may be called "comrade," but some comrades have the power of life and death over other comrades. Thomas Sowell

Our soul is governed by four invisible forces: love, death, power and time. Paulo Coelho

The birth of science rang the death-knell of an arbitrary and constantly interposing Supreme Power. Annie Besant

That is the ultimate power, to stare death in the face and be unafraid. Orson Scott Card

There were some who said that a man at the point of death was more free than all others, because death breaks every bond, and over the dead the united world has no power. Francois Fenelon

I am going to say something that will knock your lights off. God has the power to take life but he can't. He's got the power to do it but he won't. He's bound, he can't. He says, "Death and life are in the power" of whose tongue? Yours. Jesse Duplantis

Die before you die and find that there is no death. Eckhart Tolle

Dreams are more powerful than facts. Robert Fulghum



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