Politics and Drinking


Demagogue-a vessel containing beer and other liquids. Mark Twain

I went on a diet, swore off drinking and heavy eating, and in fourteen days I had lost exactly two weeks. Joe E Lewis

No animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness - or so good as drink. Gilbert K Chesterton

Drinking beer doesn't make you fat, it makes you lean...Against bars, tables, chairs, and poles. Gerard Way

All other nations are drinking Ray Charles beer and we are drinking Barry Manilow. Dave Barry

Reality is an illusion created by a lack of alcohol. N. F. Simpson

Alcohol is necessary for a man so that he can have a good opinion of himself, undisturbed by the facts. Finley Peter Dunne

I envy people who drink. At least they have something to blame everything on. Oscar Levant

We drink [to] one another's health and spoil our own. Jerome K Jerome

I only take a drink on two occasions - when I'm thirsty and when I'm not. Brendan Behan

Drinking is an emotional thing. It joggles you out of the standardism of everyday life, out of everything being the same. Charles Bukowski

Why is American beer served cold? So you can tell it from urine. Dave Moulton

Champagne, if you are seeking the truth, is better than a lie detector. Graham Greene

I'm only a beer teetotaler, not a champagne teetotaler; I don't like beer. George Bernard Shaw

Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life. Charles Dickens

Even if a poet writes about sitting in a glass house drinking tea, it reflects politics. Yehuda Amichai

I saw a notice that said "Drink Canada Dry" and I've just started. Brendan Behan

Drink is the feast of reason and the flow of soul. Alexander Pope

Payday came and with it beer Rudyard Kipling

I drink when I have occasion, and sometimes when I have no occasion. Miguel De Cervantes



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