Pink Plumeria Flowers


For me, there is only love and fear. Pink

I write from my life, my experience. I'm selfish that way. Pink

'Sexy' doesn't have to come with the price tag of being dumb. Pink

I was brought up to question authority, and thank God for that. Pink

There's always a backlash when you challenge people's convictions and their heroes. Pink

I live in America. I love being an American. Pink

Beautiful has never been my goal. Pink

Gymnasts are short, stocky, muscular powerhouses. Pink

Having a child is the best thing that could happen. Pink

Lavender is the new pink. I'll never stop wearing pink but I wanted to venture out. Nicki Minaj

Pink is what I do. Alecia is who I am. The world has taken Pink and turned it into this thing, a brand - a snarl. Pink

I'm a product of my environment. Ariel Pink

I'm not dissatisfied, just not satisfied in an ultimate sense. Ariel Pink

Comedy is king. It has to be. Steve Pink

I had my gothy phase, but I was never a troublemaker or anything like that. Ariel Pink

I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I'm funny, and I'm a good person. Pink

There's something about breaking up with someone - you just look hotter than you ever did before. Pink

I read all the time. I love it. My fantasy would be to be locked into a library. I'd be very, very happy. Pink

I always wrote poetry as a teenager and it was always so dark, but it made me feel good to get it out. Pink

I just get bored easily. As I'm sure other people do too. Pink



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