Picasso Art Quotes


All art is subversive. Pablo Picasso

Art is a leap into the dark. Pablo Picasso

The people who make art their business are mostly impostors. Pablo Picasso

Through art we express our conception of what nature is not. Pablo Picasso

Sex and art are the same thing. Pablo Picasso

In art, practice always comes before theory. Pablo Picasso

Music and art are the guiding lights of the world. Pablo Picasso

You don't make art, you find it Pablo Picasso

Those trying to explain pictures are as a rule completely mistaken. Pablo Picasso

I paint what I think, not what I see. Pablo Picasso

I do not seek. I find. Pablo Picasso

The purpose of Art is to create enthusiasm. Pablo Picasso

Art is not truth; art is the lie which makes us see the truth. Pablo Picasso

If I spit, they will take my spit and frame it as great art. Pablo Picasso

Art is lies that tell the truth. Pablo Picasso

Art is a finger up the bourgeoisie ass. Pablo Picasso

Art is a lie that makes us realise truth ... that is given us to understand. Pablo Picasso

Art isn't done to decorate apartments, but to wage war against the enemy. Pablo Picasso

Art is an instrument in the war against the enemy. Pablo Picasso

Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth. Pablo Picasso



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