Phone Quote Form


as the spirit wanes the form appears Charles Bukowski

The best form of saying is being Che Guevara

Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery. Jack Paar

Imitation is obviously a great form of flattery. Peyton Manning

pleasure, n. The least hateful form of dejection. Ambrose Bierce

What you do with your life is ascribing more to what you invest your time in. If you spend a lot of time on your phone, you're ascribing more worship to that. Anything can become, by that definition, some form of idol or deity or ultimate worth in your life. Jon Foreman

My very small part in WATCHMEN is that, every now and then, Alan would phone me: 'Neil, you're an educated man. Where does it say...' He would need a quote from the Bible, or an essay about owls. I was his occasional research assistant. Neil Gaiman

I see parody as another form of comedy. If you are making a comedy, there are a lot of different ways to do it. I'm not necessarily always aware of my quote-unquote persona when doing things like that. It's more, "What does the character need at the time?" I'm certainly drawn to certain types of material, there's no doubt about that. Bruce Campbell

I think one of the things you have to have is a respect for the camera, a real respect, and a real love for it, and to really, when I say take it seriously, quote 'seriously', I mean not patronize it. It's a big mistake to patronize it and think it's a third rate medium, because it's not, it's a great art form. Anthony Hopkins

Creativity in any form stimulates creativity in every form, music, arts, literature... I find inspiration in anything. It's all the same. Marc Jacobs

I think puns are not just the lowest form of wit, but the lowest form of human behavior. John Oliver

The unseen energy that was once in Shakespeare or Picasso or Galileo or any human form, is also available to all of us. That is because the spirit energy does not die, it simply changes form. Wayne Dyer

Executive Severance, a laugh out loud comic mystery novel, epitomizes our current cultural moment in that it is born from the juxtaposition of authorial invention and technological communication innovation. Merging creative text with new electronic context, Robert K. Blechman's novel, which originally appeared as Twitter entries, can be read on a cell phone. His tweets which merge to form an entertaining novel can't be beat. Hold the phone; exalt in the mystery-engage with Blechman's story which signals the inception of a new literary art form. Marleen S. Barr

The gods come to us in the forms we recognize. Deena Metzger

Let's not talk so much about vice. I'm against vice in all forms. John F Kennedy

The variety of all things forms a pleasure. Euripides

Literary genres and techniques tend to take form in one's mind somewhat the way computer templates provide form for different computer tasks. Aberjhani

In an age of madness, to expect to be untouched by madness is a form of madness. But the pursuit of sanity can be a form of madness, too Saul Bellow

When you eliminate vanity from an art form, and I would think that this would be any art form, what is left is an opportunity to be incredibly naked and truthful. Lorraine Toussaint

The Nexus 7 is about the same size as a Moleskine notebook, and it just 'feels' like the right form factor for doing all those things you want to do on a smart phone, but can't quite do in the right way. It's not too big, and not too small - just right. John Battelle



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