Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People


I have a talent for dealing with difficult men. Jane Rosenthal

We are constantly being put to the test by trying circumstances and difficult people and problems not necessarily of our own making. Terry Brooks

If you want plenty of experience in dealing with difficult people, then have kids. Robert Foster Bennett

I have a respect for manners as such, they are a way of dealing with people you don't agree with or like. Margaret Mead

Technology was once a substitute for dealing with people, but today it is at the heart of sociability. Mark Penn

To conceal a want of real ideas, many make for themselves an imposing apparatus of long compound words, intricate flourishes and phrases, new and unheard-of expressions, all of which together furnish an extremely difficult jargon that sounds very learned. Yet with all this they say-precisely nothing. Arthur Schopenhauer

If you want plenty of experience in dealing with difficult people, then have kids. Bo Bennett

If you're someone from the government and you meet people from other countries, you want to know who you're dealing with. It's the same for them [in Valerian]. Luc Besson

We said [U.S] are going to be repercussions of the mistaken way of dealing with it, of treating the terrorism, but nobody expected 11th of September. So, you cannot expect. It is difficult for anyone to tell you what is going to happen. It's an area where everything is on the brink of explosion. You have to expect everything. Bashar al-Assad

It's a hell of a relief. Especially for a dude like me who is so hands on and I like to pretty much all the way hip-hop. So it's difficult when you're dealing with the majors. Styles P

Obviously, I have certain policy positions that I push and advocate for that would benefit people dealing in a system that breeds inequality and makes life more difficult for people. Tim Ryan

As far as being a coach, it's always fascinated me. It's a greater responsibility than most people give it credit for because you're dealing with people. Steve Prefontaine

I think soft power definitely can work. But, you know, it depends on who you're dealing with. Some people are so intent upon power and keeping power that it's very difficult to conduct soft power. George W Bush

I like human comedies - or dramedies. More than anything, I'm interested in people just dealing with everyday things that are difficult, and there is more than enough comedy and drama in that. Judd Apatow

Good times are a reminder and a reward for dealing with the difficult and challenging times we all go through. The trick is to celebrate the good times in advance of the difficult times. Always remember, good times await you after the difficult times pass. James A. Murphy III

I was brought up by very witty people who were dealing with quite difficult things: disease and death... I was brought up by people who tended to giggle at funerals. Emma Thompson

It's hard to communicate anything exactly and that's why perfect relationships between people are difficult to find. Gustave Flaubert

It's hard to communicate anything exactly and that's why perfect relationships between people are difficult to find. Gustave Flaubert

In churches, we see that getting people to show up for a prayer meeting is a lot more difficult than a concert or service project or just about anything else. So we were thinking, we're stepping into some unknown territory here that could be as profitable, or it could be a box-office flop, but there was a rightness about it. And so this whole idea of the war room being like a spiritual warfare room, a place of prayer where you get alone with God and you're making your decisions and you're dealing with your issues first in prayer. Stephen Kendrick

As every past generation has had to disenthrall itself from an inheritance of truisms and stereotypes, so in our own time we must move on from the reassuring repetition of stale phrases to a new, difficult, but essential confrontation with reality. For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie-deliberate, contrived and dishonest-but the myth-persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Mythology distracts us everywhere. John F Kennedy



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