People Shepherding People Quotes


Dogs who chase cars evidently see them as large, unruly ungulates badly in need of discipline and shepherding. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

It's hard to get a great idea sometimes. When you get a good one and you have a good script, you want to keep shepherding it to make it happen. Chris Henchy

Writing one's first novel, getting it sold, and shepherding it through the labyrinths of editing, production, marketing, journalism, and social media is an arduous and nerve-wracking process. Paul Di Filippo

When a church is spending more of its budget on media than shepherding, something is out of whack. We have gotten things twisted around. Charles R Swindoll

There's nothing better than having a collaborator that you have a great shorthand with and a great comfort with who's shepherding the project along. I mean, that's the best thing that can happen in cinema where there's many cooks in the kitchen. David O Russell

The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people. Stephen Hawking

Gay people are nice people. Just like any other people. And gay people love reggae music. Yeah. And gay people love Jamaica. Yellowman

Grateful people are good people, and good people are happy people Dennis Prager

Stupid people surround themselves with smart people. Smart people surround themselves with smart people who disagree with them. Aaron Sorkin

People are complicated. People have secrets. It doesnt make them good people or bad people. David Zayas

I don't know any skinny people who bully fat people. I just know skinny people who use fat people for rides. Felipe Esparza

For me, there are no my people and strangers, no bad people and good people. All people are equal for me. Viktor Yanukovych

Nice people are often not good people and good people are often not nice people. Ernie J Zelinski

Old people, with other old people, are not so old. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

There are no bad people, only badly loved people. Arnaud Desjardins

Good people do' go to Heaven, forgiven people do. LeCrae

Good people are good people; religion has nothing to do with it. Jodi Picoult

Most rich people are the poorest people I know. Elsa Maxwell

People are what are scary...people. Blackbeard

Good people don't go to Heaven, forgiven people do. LeCrae



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