People Hurting Others Quotes


Some people use their own hurt as an excuse for hurting others Roland Merullo

Why do people always think hurting others is all right, as long as they hurt themselves as well? Akhil Sharma

I just do what I want to do without hurting other people and you know, I wish other people would do the same. Robert Greene

Sin is a matter of opinion. Sins are only sins if you are hurting other people. Corey Taylor

hurting other people is not excusable because you've been hurt yourself. Jilly Cooper

People who go to work every day, make sacrifices to raise families, and get through life without hurting other people if they can help it-those are the real heros. Dean Koontz

Mean people are really just sad people. They hurt others because they are hurting. Every person is born beautiful, and much of the ugliness in others was put inside of them by other hurting people. Bryant H Mcgill

God gave us free will, and we may choose to exercise it in ways that end up hurting other people. Francis Collins

It's impossible to live without hurting others. Jun Mochizuki

I hate seeing people getting hurt or hurting other people. I hate seeing blood. I am very intolerant of physical pain. I find violence horrifying, so much so that I can't help being intrigued by it. Takeshi Kitano

I think that there are just people who are hurting other people, sometimes for the best of intentions and sometimes for the worst. In different times in my life, I've been the hero and I've been the villain. I also think that we're all evil sometimes. James Marsters

I don't think evil is sexy! I don't think being cruel and mean and hurting other people is sexy! ... Although I have been quite attracted to some very bad boys! Madonna Ciccone

If you need help or advice, ask for it, but don't worry too much about hurting other people's feelings by not doing what they say. If your gut says no, trust it. Do what seems right. Ariel Gore

I wish you all the pleasurable excitement one can have without hurting others and one's own dignity. Norbert Elias

The moment you understand the importance of loving yourself, you will stop hurting others. Nhat Hanh

I was naughty. I wasn't bad. Bad is hurting people, doing evil. Naughty is not hurting anyone. Naughty is being amusing. Sydney Biddle Barrows

The essence of Buddhism is if you can, help others. If not, then at least refrain from hurting others. Dalai Lama

Meditation practice is simply moving from a life of hurting myself and others to a life of not hurting myself and others. Joko Beck

There's so many issues tied to the meat industry. I mean, social, environmental, humanitarian - all of them. I know that when I'm eating that I'm not hurting the planet, I'm not hurting other people on this planet, I'm not hurting animals... and I'm not hurting nature. Maggie Q

If you're a fan of hurting others, talking down to, or trying to bring others down, then never call yourself a fan of mine. Austin Carlile



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