People Following People Quotes


I'm following a real event and real people. John Landis

So many people are following fashion now. It's become fashion-tainment. Zac Posen

You can tell if people are following Jesus, because they are fedding the poor, sharing their wealth, and trying to get everyone medical insurance. Anne Lamott

People like bluegrass. It's had a following amongst a lot of hip and young people. A lot of college kids like bluegrass. Dolly Parton

You can never let your data dictate design. If you do, you end up following what people currently do and never innovating. Aza Raskin

I don't think it's that bad, I mean, I love people following me around and helping me do stuff. Zach Braff

I do believe strongly in photography and hope by following it intuitively that when the photographs are looked at they will touch the spirit in people. Harry Callahan

I believe in following your instincts with the people that you like and who you like to be with. Piper Perabo

How do you invent a religion?" Evie asked. Will looked over the top of his spectacles. "You say, "God told me the following," and then wait for people to sign up. Libba Bray

He who thinketh he leadeth and hath no one following him is only taking a walk. Leadership is getting people to work for you when they are not obligated. Frederick K. C. Price

It's impossible to do something cool without outraging someone. In fact, I usually judge how cool I'm being by how many angry people are following me with signs. Seanbaby

Don't follow those who can talk a big game about their amazing faith in Christ. Follow people who are actually following Christ. Kevin Deyoung

For those people who want to keep following trends, you do that and when the trend goes away so will you. Ne-Yo

I won't do reality. That is done. And I don't want people following me around with a camera 24 hours a day. Mario Cantone

I cannot determine what people or nations should do, but I do think that extremism gives birth to following and subsequent extremism. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Taking sartorial risks and not following other people is what makes you stand out. Zac Posen

I think this, I think basically I'm not interested in people following my work or making work like my work. Richard Serra

The only people I ever get irritated with are the ones who announce, using my Twitter handle, that they are no longer following me and why. Neil Gaiman

I always find it much easier when there's one person whose vision you're following, as opposed to many people. Keira Knightley

A cult following is a nice way of saying very few people like you. Martin Mull



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