People Are Stupid Quotes


Stupid people are dangerous. Suzanne Collins

The people are not stupid, but they are totally misinformed. Gore Vidal

Stupid people do stupid things, but people who are smart enough can do something really stupid. Robert Charles Wilson

Every day I hear stupid people say things that are not stupid. Michel De Montaigne

The reason producers make stupid movies is because there are stupid people who will pay to see them. Jessica Zafra

Religion is designed for stupid people. Science is designed for stupid people who are embarrassed by their stupidity, who want to do something about it. Paul Lutus

Stupid people do make me lose my temper and most people are stupid, fortunately for me. It's made it easier for me to make a living. Albert Gubay

Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative. John Stuart Mill

I didn't realise how important stupid people are in your life, because you ask yourself, what made stupid people so stupid? What made them the way they are? Simon Cowell

It doesn't bother me that people are stupid. I'm not stupid. Ahmed Best

Bush is a very stupid man. The American people are not stupid, they are very clever. I can't understand how such clever people came to elect such a stupid president. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

Truly, the only stupid people I've ever met, the most absolutely clueless, are the very people that produce television. Bill Hicks

Obviously this person's a hazard. Stupid people are dangerous. Suzanne Collins

There are no bad drugs. There's simply stupid people who don't know how to use them. Timothy Leary

These are stupid people that say, `Oh didn't Trump declare bankruptcy? Didn't he go bankrupt?' I didn't go bankrupt. Donald Trump

The reason there are so many stupid people is because it's illegal to kill them. John Wayne

Russian may seem narrow-minded, impudent, or even stupid people, but can only pray for those who are against them. Winston Churchill

Beware of stupid people who are motivated and energetic. Margaret Catley-Carlson

Stupid people are ruining America. Herman Cain

Most people are boring and stupid. Oscar Wilde



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