Particular Masters Quotes


Life, never deciding to master anything in particular. Tony Robbins

There is no "scientific worldview" just as there is no uniform enterprise "science"- except in the minds of metaphysicians, school masters, and scientists blinded by the achievements of their own particular niche... There is no objective principle that could direct us away from the supermarket "religion" or the supermarket "art" toward the more modern, and much more expensive supermarket "science." Besides, the search for such guidance would be in conflict with the idea of individual responsibility which allegedly is an important ingredient of a "rational" or scientific age. Paul Feyerabend

Theater roles are written by the great masters. The greatest literature that you can possibly know are the theater roles like King Lear, Hamlet, and all of those great roles. So all you do is you dive into these unchallenged roles and see how far you can get, what kind of accolades you can get, and how good you can be in them. In movie roles, you can actually improve them by knowing a lot about your own stage technique, which helps a great deal in the cinema and how you can project inner humor even though the particular dialogue is not necessarily funny, but you can infuse it with humor. Christopher Plummer

Good masters generally have bad slaves, and bad slaves have good masters. Herodotus

I grew up around a lot of various religions, so it's a part of my consciousness in a way. Everything from heavy Catholicism to followers of Indian spiritual masters to Unitarian universalists - all in one family. Though the family aspect was stronger than any particular dogma. St Vincent

I soon realized that it is not enough for a master simply to analyse variations scrupulously just like an accountant. He must learn to work out which particular moves he should consider and then examine just as many variations as necessary - no more and no less. Alexander Kotov

There is only one thing which can master the perplexed stuff of epic material into unity; and that is, an ability to see in particular human experience some significant symbolism of man's general destiny. Lascelles Abercrombie

It is dangerous for a spiritual master to accept almost any aspirant. Although it is an aspect of mercy, it is dangerous. The danger also depends on the spiritual potency of the particular guru. Without sufficient potency, a few offensive or faithless disciples can lead to the guru's fall. Bhakti Tirtha Swami

We are masters of our actions from the beginning up to the very end. But, in the case of our habits, we are only masters of their commencement-each particular little increase being as imperceptible as in the case of bodily infirmities. But yet our habits are voluntary, in that it was once in our power to adopt or not to adopt such or such a course of conduct. Aristotle

You not only choose between two ways of life but you choose between two masters. Billy Graham

Politics makes strange post-masters. Kin Hubbard

To change masters is not to be free. Jose Marti

We cannot all be masters. William Shakespeare

Ideals are the world's masters. J. G. Holland

We are the masters at the moment and shall be for some considerable time. Ryan Shawcross

The masters eye fattens the horse, and his foote the ground. George Herbert

Feelings are good servants, but they are disastrous masters. Dallas Willard

No one masters the heart. Leonard Cohen

We are the masters of our own universe. Dan Brown

I have had three masters, Nature, Velasquez, and Rembrandt. Francisco Goya



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