Parental Authority Quotes


I would have rebelled against parental authority, no matter what. When I was 15, I started painting my face and making my own clothes. Grace Jones

Parents can learn that parental authority doesn't depend on knowing everything. The more you pretend, the more risk that it'll be traumatic and damaging to the kids and their relationship with you when they find out the truth. Seymour Papert

We need to stop the erosion of parental authority. Sonny Landham

Beware of the manipulativeness of rich students who were neglected by their parents. They love to turn the campus into hysterical psychodramas of sexual transgression, followed by assertions of parental authority and concern. And don't look for sexual enlightenment from academe, which spews out mountains of books but never looks at life directly. Camille Paglia

[Parental] authority must be tempered...with loving kindness and patient encouragement. To temper authority with kindness is to triumph in the struggle which belongs to your duty as parents...All those who would advantageously rule over others, must as an essential element, first dominate themselves, their passions, their impressions... Pope Pius XII

Any time you need an expert parental hand- (Zarek) I"ll find Jericho. (Astrid) Um, could you at least wait until that thing's housebroken? (Jericho) Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hi, Mom. (Devyn) It's the other parental unit. Not as pretty or as fierce as your mother, but loving nonetheless. (Syn) Sherrilyn Kenyon

Computers allow architects to remain parental instead of being marginalized by the contractors and managers. Frank Gehry

The only parental authority I had was the studio. When I was a star, there was always somebody with me, to guard me. I was not allowed to be photographed with a cigarette, a drink, a cup of coffee or even a glass of water because someone might think it was liquor. When I left the studio I was already married and had two children, but I felt as sad as a child leaving home for the first time. June Allyson

In an age that is sometimes nowadays frightening or confusing, we feel reassured by the almost parental-like authority of experts who tell us so clearly what it is we can and cannot do. Noreena Hertz

People need a parental divine love which will attend to them above all else, no matter what happens Masahisa Goi

Obedience to authority saves many skins Sophocles

Authority is no source for Truth. Aristotle

Always question the authority. Tom Morello

No controlling legal authority Al Gore

I cannot stand authority. Mikhail Baryshnikov

I've never been any good with authority. Rupert Everett

Truth for authority, not authority for truth. Lucretia Mott

Authority poisons everybody who takes authority on himself. Vladimir Lenin

The answer is to say 'No!' to authority when authority is wrong. Studs Terkel



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