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Back in the East you can't do much without the right papers, but with the right papers you can do anything The believe in papers. Papers are power. Tom Stoppard

I don't read the Sunday papers; or the dailies, either Tom Holt

I always read the papers, the political bits. John Lennon

No, I don't read the papers. I just look at the pictures. Serena Williams

I'm drowning in papers. Wislawa Szymborska

You don't need papers to vote... Francine Busby

When I got my head shaved, it was all over the papers. It's weird that when you get a haircut you are in the papers, it's pretty stupid Mark Feehily

Liberty is to faction what air is to fire... James Madison

It's all papers and forms, the entire Civil Service is like a fortress made of papers, forms and red tape. Alexander Ostrovsky

To me, I read good reviews in lots of papers and bad reviews in lots of papers. Sheila Nevins

I don't read the papers; I stopped reading the papers. I read the papers only during periods of crisis, and I think papers are too long on a regular day and too short days when we have a crisis. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I'm not ashamed of any of my papers at all and I'm rather sick of snobs that tell us that they're bad papers, snobs who only read papers that no one else wants. I doubt if they read many papers at all. Rupert Murdoch

Whole libraries can be filled with the papers written about cancer and its causes, but the contents of these papers fit on one little library visiting card. August Bier

He [Tony Blair] was always ambivalent about the [Rupert] Murdoch papers. But he gave other papers the chance to believe it was just about The Independent. And that was wrong. Alastair Campbell

Most of the time our events aren't in the papers and they're not televised, so people don't know when we're competing. Sanya Richards-Ross

I see by the papers that you have once more stirred that pool of intellectual stagnation, the educational convention. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

If I subscribed to the efficient market theory I would still be delivering papers Warren Buffett

The Madcap Heiress, isn't that what the papers usually call her? Millions of dollars and no sense. Vina Delmar

Awake before the sun is risen, I call for my pen and papers and desk. Christopher Smart

In the papers this morning: 'Police closing in on Ian Holloway.' Sorry, it's 'Palace closing in on Ian Holloway.' Alan Brazil



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