Pale Skin Quotes


Never a possession, always the possessor, with skin as pale as smoke, and eyes tawny and sharp as yellow wine: Desire is everything you've ever wanted. Whoever you are. Whatever you are. Everything. Neil Gaiman

Every time I have to try on a wig for work, I get excited about the colour; I've often thought about going for a platinum bob or also raven black, as it looks so great against pale skin. But I always end up being loyal to my red colour. Lily Cole

That which in mean men we entitle patience is pale cold cowardice in noble breasts. William Shakespeare

If we venture beyond the pale of Scripture, we to all the illusions of imagination and enthusiasm. John Newton

See the child. He is pale and thin, he wears a thin and ragged linen shirt. He stokes the scullery fire. Cormac Mccarthy

See, the curse of children! In life they keep us frequently in tears, And in the cold grave leave us in pale fears. John Webster

Your problems pale in comparison with those of the millions of people in the world who do not have enough to eat. Michael Johnson

The colors of the underwater rock [are] as pale and delicate as those in the wardrobe of an 18th-century marchioness. William Manchester

Affection faints not like a pale-faced coward, But then woos best when most his choice is froward. William Shakespeare

The glowworm shows the matin to be near And gins to pale his uneffectual fire. William Shakespeare

I wish I were the lily's leaf To fade upon that bosom warm, Content to wither, pale and brief, The trophy of thy paler form. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

He who would see old Hoghton right Must view it by the pale moonlight. William Hazlitt

That gentlemen prefer blondes is due to the fact that, apparently, pale hair, delicate skin and an infantile expression represent the very apex of frailty which every man longs to violate. Alexander King

Because I'm a pale person, I take care of my skin religiously. Dakota Fanning

I liked girls with pale skin because I am a California boy, tanned and blonde hair. Robert Englund

Know what suits you. I would never wear brown, because it just doesn't work with my pale skin and dark hair. Also I wouldn't wear flats at night, because I love heels. Leigh Lezark

Many a dangerous temptation comes to us in gay, fine colours, that are but skin-deep. Matthew Henry

It's a good thing that beauty is only skin deep, or I'd be rotten to the core. Phyllis Diller

Beauty is only skin deep, and the world is full of thin skinned people. Richard Armour

Beauty is only skin deep. Thomas Overbury



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