Pablo Cohelo Quote


I don't seek, I find. Pablo Picasso

Resist doing things that have no meaning for life. Pablo Casals

Taste is the enemy of creativeness. Pablo Picasso

I can be sarcastic. Juan Pablo Galavis

I love dancing. Juan Pablo Galavis

I would never disrespect anyone. Juan Pablo Galavis

I'm a crybaby. Juan Pablo Galavis

To retire is to die. Pablo Casals

I'd rather have a hot dog than caviar. Juan Pablo Montoya

If you don't quote yourself, nobody else will. And you can quote me on that. Scott Ginsberg

We rarely quote nowadays to appeal to authority... though we quote sometimes to display our sapience and erudition. Some authors we quote against. Some we quote not at all, offering them our scrupulous avoidance, and so make them part of our white mythology. Other authors we constantly invoke, chanting their names in cerebral rituals of propitiation or ancestor worship. Ihab Hassan

By necessity, by proclivity, and by delight, we quote. We quote not only books and proverbs, but arts, sciences, religion, customs, and laws; nay, we quote temples and houses, tables and chairs by imitation. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Poetry is an act of peace. Pablo Neruda

I don't have hobbies. I have passions. Pablo Casals

Without doubt I praise the wild excellence... Pablo Neruda

She did not speak for speech was unknown to her. Pablo Neruda

Lord, protect me from what I want! Pablo Picasso

I move in the university of the waves. Pablo Neruda

Why wasn't Christopher Columbus able to discover Spain? Pablo Neruda

Hands make the world each day. Pablo Neruda



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