Origin of Evil Eye


There is a very real evil consequent on ascribing supernatural origin to the received maxilms of morality. That origin consecrates the whole of them and protects them from being discussed or criticized. John Stuart Mill

Many have puzzled themselves about the origin of evil. I am content to observe that there is evil, and that there is a way to escape from it, and with this I begin and end. John Newton

No notice is taken of a little evil, but when it increases it strikes the eye. Aristotle

Our descent, then, is the origin of our evil passions!! The devil under form of Baboon is our grandfather. Charles Darwin

Envy, my son, wears herself away, and droops like a lamb under the influence of the evil eye. Jacopo Sannazaro

Of the origin of evil no universal solution has been discovered. William Paley

If we live according to the law "an eye for an eye...," we will never escape from the spiral of evil. Pope Francis

When people have a sense of our military capability, nobody will ever dare to cast an evil eye on our nation. Narendra Modi

The atheists are for the most part imprudent and misguided scholars who reason badly who, not being able to understand the Creation, the origin of evil, and other difficulties, have recourse to the hypothesis the eternity of things and of inevitability. Voltaire

All those evil doctrines about God that work misery and madness have their origin in the brains of the wise and prudent, not in the hearts of children. George Macdonald

The essence of morality is a questioning about morality; and the decisive move of human life is to use ceaselessly all light to look for the origin of the opposition between good and evil. Georges Bataille

I think I'm close to lot of people in Bollywood, but I believe in evil eye, and I feel when I talk about friendships and relationships in public something somewhere goes wrong with it. Arjun Rampal

Your own malice is the bitterest of all evils. Is it then possible to correct malice by means of evil? Having a beam in your own eye, can you pull out the mote from the eye of another? John of Kronstadt

For the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer. But the face of the Lord is against those that do evil. Saint Peter

I will not live out of me I will not see with others' eyes My good is good, my evil ill I would be free. Ralph Waldo Emerson

[Two Evil Eyes] was shot in Pittsburgh, and that's where I was born and raised, so it was really nice to be a part of Pittsburgh film culture. Julie Benz

Why, do you not know, then, that the origin of all human evils, and of baseness, and cowardice, is not death, but rather the fear of death? Epictetus

Any eye is an evil eye That looks in on to a mood apart. Robert Frost

Sixth sense, six pack, six degrees of separation / My evil third eye blinks with no hesitation Ghostface Killah

Since the universe must contain millions of appropriate planets, consciousness in some form - but not with the paired eyes and limbs, and the brain built of neurons in the only example we know - may evolve frequently. But if only one origin of life in a million ever leads to consciousness, then Martian bacteria most emphatically do not imply Little Green Men. Stephen Jay Gould



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