Older Sister From Brother Quotes


I had an older brother who passed away recently, an older sister and a younger brother. Steve Case

My older sister was at the cusp of new wave, and I had older brothers from my father's first marriage who were rock 'n' roll guys, so I was exposed to a lot of popular culture. Paul Thomas Anderson

The first-born in every family is always dreaming for an imaginary older brother or sister who will look out for them. Bill Cosby

My older sister is bossy, my brother is a stirrer and me - well, I am perfect! Jenny Eclair

Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer. Louise Glu

Help one another is part of the religion of our sisterhood. Louisa May Alcott

I was picked on because I was timid. I had younger sisters; I couldn't turn to them for help. I didn't have an older brother. Mark E Smith

Nothing can stop me from loving my brother. Brandy Norwood

I'm a middle child, which is probably why I chose to be an actress. I needed the attention. I've got one older sister and a younger brother. Nell Hudson

I had a really wonderful upbringing. We were a tight family. It was wonderful to grow up with so many siblings. We were all just a year or two apart, and we were always so supportive of each other. I learned everything from my older brother and sister and taught it to my younger sisters. Joaquin Phoenix

I have three siblings. My sister makes music. My older brother is a classical conductor, and my younger brother is a mixing engineer. Lisa Loeb

I have an older brother and an older sister - and they had the time of their lives at university. They were at Newcastle and Edinburgh. Looking up to them the whole time, I wanted to go to university and live the life they were living, having a blast, and I didn't get in. I didn't get into any of the universities I wanted to go to. Rose Leslie

Never make a companion equal to a brother. Hesiod

Comparison is a death knell to sibling harmony. Elizabeth Fishel

I'm the daughter of two Indian immigrant doctors, and I have an older sister and younger brother, and none of us have pursued medicine as a career. We're all over the artistic side of things. Aarti Mann

I have two older sisters and one older brother and hold them largely responsible for the trouble I got into growing up. I believe as the youngest child, that is my right. Suzanne Collins

My sister and my brother, of whom I have not spoken before, were considerably older than I; it seemed almost as if we belonged to different generations. Pierre Loti

So we dream on. Thus we invent our lives. We give ourselves a sainted mother, we make our father a hero; and someone's older brother and someone's older sister - they become our heroes too. We invent what we love and what we fear. There is always a brave lost brother - and a little lost sister, too. We dream on and on: the best hotel, the perfect family, the resort life. And our dreams escape us almost as vividly as we can imagine them. John Irving

My brother and I grew up in a musical family. We have an older sister who sings and plays the piano. Our dad is a musician. Music was always a part of our lives. Laura Allen

The only day I remember of my parents' marriage was the day my dad walked out. As I stood there at five years old, with my older sister and younger brother, I knew that he was gone. Ellie Goulding



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