Of My Mind Quotes


It'll definitely be in the back of my mind, Ricky Carmichael

All that I am is because of my mind.... Paavo Nurmi

Peace of mind comes from not wanting to change others. Gerald Jampolsky

I am the source of my own suffering, because of the habits of my mind. Dalai Lama

I prefer when movies target my heart instead of my mind. Anton Yelchin

I pride myself in taking care of my mind, body and soul, and not just through exercise. Stacy Keibler

All I have to teach you are feelings, the words don't matter much. But as you listen, feel the stillness of my mind, not my mind but of mind...infinite mind. Frederick Lenz

I think of my body as a side effect of my mind. Carrie Fisher

It is certain that I cannot always distinguish my own thoughts from those I read, because what I read becomes the very substance and text of my mind. Helen Keller

I saw that my witticism was unperceived and quietly replaced it in the treasury of my mind. Flann O'Brien

All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood. Rainer Maria Rilke

I hang onto my prejudices, they are the testicles of my mind. Eric Hoffer

I shall carry to the Catacombs of Age, Photographically lined On the tablet of my mind W. S. Gilbert

I think aerobics are great, of course, but it just bores me out of my mind Peter Steele

Nothing but you can lay hold of my mind, and that can lay hold of nothing but you. William Congreve

I felt the pressure of imagination against the doors of my mind was so great that they were going to burst. J G Ballard

I'm happy out of my mind. I like beating a lot of people. Michelle Wie

Leary can get a part of my mind that's kind of rusted shut grinding again, just by being around him and talking. Ken Kesey

My heart Has a Mind of Its Own. Connie Francis

My mind-set is Munich. Most of my generation's is Vietnam. Madeleine Albright



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