No Singing


There is no good singing, there is only present and absent. Jeff Buckley

There is no song to your singing. Carl Sandburg

Mr. Presley has no discernible singing ability. Jack Gould

There's no half-singing in the shower, you're either a rock star or an opera diva. Josh Groban

No no, we ALL teach each other, whether it's dancing, whether it's singing, whether it's talking, we all listen to each other. That's progress. Ninette De Valois

I'm very critiqueful of my own stuff, and I kick everybody out the studio when I'm singing, no one is in the studio, it's just me and the engineers, no one else in the studio when I'm doing my thing. Ginuwine

And oh I want so much to sing, I tell myself no. But it is so hard to keep from singing. Donna Jo Napoli

All of these years that I have been singing, no one has done a documentary about my music as far as I'm concerned. Ruth Brown

Well, I'm not going to be singing about lollipops because I no longer relate to lollipops. Hilary Duff

There is no such thing as a wrong note ... just as long as you're singing along. Pete Seeger

Once I got a job singing and dancing, a reasonable person might think, "Maybe I should learn how to do this." But no, I never did. Dick Van Dyke

If singing a couple of songs in a benefit will help keep the Festival alive and known, well, how can I say no to that? Stephanie D'Abruzzo

There is no harder shield for the devil to pierce with temptation than singing with prayer. Henry Ward Beecher

No more words. In the name of this place we drink in with our breathing, stay quiet like a flower. So the nightbirds will start singing. Rumi

I think there's no sacrifice too great for family, whether it's career, singing, whatever. Anita Baker

No president is well-served by groupthink or by everybody singing from the same sheet of music they think he's on. Robert M Gates

Nusrat is one of the greatest singers of our time. When his singing takes off, his voice embodies soulfulness and sprituality like no other. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

No, I've been singing forever. I started out doing musicals. I think that was part of the reason why they gave me the part, because I sang. Zooey Deschanel

When you go to karaoke with a professional singer and they really start singing, there's no bigger buzzkill than that. Megan Hilty

Singing is a way of escaping. It's another world. I'm no longer on earth. Edith Piaf



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