Enjoying My Day Quotes


I'm enjoying my years, I'm enjoying my life, I'm enjoying my family. I'm just happy - a happy person. Sharon Stone

I'm just enjoying my life at the moment. Eric Cantona

The day I notice a cyclist obey a stop sign is the day I'll stop enjoying watching them bounce off my hood. Daniel Tosh

I am a really quiet person. I just like to be with my children and my family and being home. I live one day at a time, enjoying the best of life, just living. Miguel Cotto

But I'm really enjoying my retirement. I get to sleep in every day. I do crossword puzzles and eat cake. Derek Landy

I don't know what I am doing tomorrow. But I know one thing for sure: the day I stop enjoying my work, I will pack up and leave. Sonakshi Sinha

At the end of the day, I know that I make my living by dressing up, fooling around, playing pranks and giving people a good time. I am enjoying the ride. Cyrus Broacha

I'm more interested in enjoying my life and looking after my family than being hugely successful. James D'arcy

I'm enjoying my retirement, enjoying my life. I have two kids and a lot of my time is spent chasing these two animals. Pete Sampras

I get sick of listening to straight people complain about, Well, hey, we don't have a heterosexual-pride day, why do you need a gay-pride day? I remember when I was a kid I'd always ask my mom: Why don't we have a Kid's Day? We have a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, but why don't we have a Kid's Day? My mom would always say, Every day is Kid's Day. To all those heterosexuals that bitch about gay pride, I say the same thing: Every day is heterosexual-pride day! Can't you people enjoy your banquet and not piss on those of us enjoying our crumbs over here in the corner? Rob Nash

A normal day in my life - well right now it's kinda just like hang out and be lazy .I'm just kinda like enjoying my break, basic, what everybody does. Hang out in my pajamas and eat cereal and watch cartoons. Drake Bell

People will always say all sorts of stuff. Let them. I'm enjoying my life Angelina Jolie

I refuse to allow people to stop me from living and enjoying my life. Ruby Gettinger

The more I grow, and the older I get, the more I am enjoying my life and know how precious it really is. Yolanda Adams

It's a good thing I don't read everything Eddie says, or I'd be up in arms and not enjoying my life. Sammy Hagar

I'm just enjoying my life.I suggest you try it. Tyler Perry

What mom cares about most is that I'm happy, healthy and enjoying my life. Chaz Bono

I'm doing it by enjoying what I do in the gym, really enjoying my foods. Warren Cuccurullo

I appreciate my true fans for enjoying me in what I do every day, whether interviews or playing heel. They are smart and nice people. Alberto Del Rio

I find that every day is not about where I'll be tomorrow, but it's about what I'm doing today and staying in the moment. By doing that, I'm truly enjoying all of my todays. Serinda Swan



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