Music Culture Quotes


I see myself in pop culture. I listen to pop music, I do pop things, and I'm also a scientist. Neil Degrasse Tyson

No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. Billy Joel

They tell me Wagner's music is better than it sounds. Edgar Wilson Nye

Music and culture are intrinsically improvisational, existential. Archie Shepp

Good music often starts in underground culture and then comes to the surface. Felix Buxton

Just immerse yourself in the culture of the music - it will open some doors for you. Joe Louis Walker

I try to put my culture in all my music, as much as I can. Karl Wolf

There's certain things in life that I love. One is architecture. And music, culture, food, people. New Orleans has all of that. Lenny Kravitz

I am trying to encourage kids to do something that is' yet on their mind because it is not in popular culture. Popular culture tells you 'music, music, sports, sports.' It neglects the importance of a STEM education. William

Music is an important part of our culture and record stores play a vital part in keeping the power of music alive Chuck Berry

I think rap music is the sole reason for a lot of black acceptance in pop culture; because the music is very popular, it gets our image out in other ways than in movies. Ice Cube

The Doors embodied-incarnated-a major upheaval in popular culture. Their music was of the times and it shaped the times. Jac Holzman

The impact of black music and black art forms on American culture is really difficult to appreciate. Jess Row

music alone can abolish differences of language or culture between two people and evoke something indestructible within them. Irene Nemirovsky

Music is not an acquired culture... it is an active part of life. Isaac Stern

Character is the backbone of our human culture. Music is the flowering of character. Confucius

Mainstream media would convince you that there's commercial culture and that's all - but this other music is still here. Michelle Shocked

Music is in every country and every culture around the world. It's universal. Mark Hoppus

Moving to London was a culture shock, but in a really good way. I'm more aware now, and I'm less trusting of people in the music industry. Nina Nesbitt

I still think you people need to be curious [in order to absorb the culture]. You need to search Uzbekistani pop music. Ayshay



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