Military Support Slogans


If you feed the people just with revolutionary slogans they will listen today, they will listen tomorrow, they will listen the day after tomorrow, but on the fourth day they will say, "To hell with you." Nikita Khrushchev

I think civilian Americans support the military very much. Thad Cochran

Democrats and Republicans alike support our military personnel. John Spratt

Military families so much appreciate the love, support and prayers. Bob Mcdonnell

Processions, meetings, military parades, lectures, waxwork displays, film shows, telescreen programs all had to be organized; stands had to be erected, effigies built, slogans coined, songs written, rumours circulated, photographs faked. George Orwell

It is hard as an American to support the failure of American military operations in Iraq. Such failure will bring with it the death and wounding of many American service members, and many more Iraqis. Scott Ritter

The function and Navy in any future war will be to support the dominant air arm. Jimmy Doolittle

The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service. Albert Einstein

Don't support the phonies, SUPPORT THE REAL Tupac Shakur

The struggle to maintain peace is immeasurably more difficult than any military operation. Anne O'Hare McCormick

That's the whole point of good propaganda. You want to create a slogan that nobody's going to be against, and everybody's going to be for. Nobody knows what it means, because it doesn't mean anything. Noam Chomsky

I've ordered plans to begin for the massive rebuilding of the United States military. Had great support from the Senate. I've had great support from congress, generally. We've pursued this rebuilding in the hopes that we will never have to use this military. Donald Trump

We must also ensure that we have the best medical care, education, and support for our military service members and their families, both when they serve and when they return to civilian life. Donald Trump

Anybody may support me when I am right. What I want is someone that will support me when I am wrong. John A. Macdonald

The Canadian Prime Minister said Canada would lend the U.S. its full military support. You know what that means: Both tanks. Jay Leno

Support for Saddam, including within his military organization, will collapse after the first whiff of gunpowder. Richard Perle

Once the war against Saddam begins, we expect every American to support our military, and if they can't do that, to shut Up. Bill O'Reilly

I have the complete support of the military. I personally served in the navy. Juan Manuel Santos

I support allowing homosexuals to serve openly in our military and eliminating the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. Ed Case

Enthusiasm is the way you trigger other people's emotions so they instinctively help and support you.. Paul Meyer



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