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Have I mentioned you are the hottest geek I've ever known ? J.R. Ward

There are things of deadly earnest that can only be mentioned under the cover of a joke. John James Procter

What desire for fame attends both great and small; better be damned than mentioned not at all! John Wolcot

The sparrows chirped as if they still were proud Their race in Holy Writ should mentioned be. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"He mentioned it!" one of the ghosts whimpered. Rick Riordan

The word love is never mentioned in big business. Anita Roddick

I have no wisdom and nothing useful to tell you - I only mentioned this because it came into my head. Russell Hoban

Well, sure, I explicitly mentioned 'vtables' last time I brought this up. But a single pointer is fairly paltry, as tables go. :-) Larry Wall

What rage for fame attends both great and small! Better be damned than mentioned not at all. John Wolcot

I hate clowns. I've mentioned that, right? D J Machale

Francis Webb is easily our greatest poet and one of the greatest poets in the world but he's hardly ever mentioned. Robert Adamson

I thought it was pretty good to be mentioned in a big paper, so I decided to keep the nickname. Dick Lane

Anytime I mentioned I wanted to be an actress, my friends were not that supportive. Kathrine Narducci

As I mentioned, I was a carpenter for a time. Jack Vance

What a pity, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, that he ever mentioned it. Margot Asquith

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and CSIS have provided extraordinary co-operation, as I mentioned earlier. Paul Cellucci

There are now 30-year-old Mexican writers who do great novels in which Mexico isn't even mentioned. Carlos Fuentes

It has been mentioned that in Trench I there is evidence of three successive stages of these defences. Kathleen Kenyon

I don't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with Charles Chaplin. Stan Laurel

In fact, .. Jesus is mentioned 75 times in the Koran. Ken Blanchard



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