Mechanics Quotes


Quantum mechanics makes absolutely no sense. Roger Penrose

Just because quantum mechanics is weird does not mean that everything that is weird is quantum mechanics. Victor J. Stenger

If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics. Richard P Feynman

People get a lot of confusion, because they keep trying to think of quantum mechanics as classical mechanics Sidney Coleman

Quantum mechanics broke the mold of the previous framework, classical mechanics, by establishing that the predictions of science are necessarily probabilistic. Brian Greene

Einstein, stop telling God what to do! Niels Bohr

If everything is made up of little particles and all the little particles follow quantum mechanics, then shouldn't everything just follow quantum mechanics? Aaron D. O'Connell

Certainly we do not need quantum mechanics for macroscopic objects, which are well described by classical physics - this is the reason why quantum mechanics seems so foreign to our everyday existence. Alain Aspect

If you aren't confused by quantum mechanics, you haven't really understood it. Niels Bohr

Nature allows only experimental situations to occur which can be described within the framework of the formalism of quantum mechanics Werner Heisenberg

Anyone not shocked by quantum mechanics has not yet understood it. Niels Bohr

[Recent evidence regarding quantum mechanics is] sufficient to rule out all theological options but one - the Bible's. Hugh Ross

Common sense has no place in Quantum Mechanics. Michio Kaku

Anyone who can contemplate quantum mechanics without getting dizzy hasn't understood it. Niels Bohr

Quantum mechanics, with its leap into statistics, has been a mere palliative for our ignorance Rene Thom

What're quantum mechanics?" "I don't know. People who repair quantums, I suppose. Terry Pratchett

[T]he laws of quantum mechanics itself cannot be formulated ... without recourse to the concept of consciousness. Eugene Wigner

The so-called mysteries of quantum mechanics are in its philosophical interpretation, not in its mathematics. Victor J. Stenger

I think we can safely assume that no one understands quantum mechanics. Richard P Feynman

Nature is one. It is not divided into physics, chemistry, quantum mechanics. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi



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