Mayer Quotes


I listen to John Mayer when I get ready. He's my calmer. Gigi Hadid

You have to ruthlessly prioritize. Marissa Mayer

Numb is the new deep. John Mayer

To me, the future is personalization . Marissa Mayer

Pick something and make it great. Marissa Mayer

Money has much more power down the ballot. Jane Mayer

You can't spell 'developer' without 'devel.' John Mayer

Don't let anything but your talent affect your success. Jillian Mayer

I've never been a bad boy. John Mayer

I've always liked simplicity. Marissa Mayer

I don't feel overwhelmed with information. I really like it. Marissa Mayer

I refuse to be stereotyped. Marissa Mayer

I didn't really chart things out, career-wise. Michael Mayer

I feel like I've been blessed. Michael Mayer

The world is not yet redeemed. Isaac Mayer Wise

I lost my head for a little while. John Mayer

I love being the center of attention. John Mayer

I don't have anybody telling me what to do. John Mayer

I just like collaborating. John Mayer

My hits are not hits. John Mayer



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