Max Weber Quotes Bureaucracy


A government is an institution that holds a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence. Max Weber

The great virtue of bureaucracy - indeed, perhaps its defining characteristic ~ was that it was an institutional method for applying general rules to specific cases, thereby making the actions of government fair and predictable. Max Weber

However many people complain about the "red tape," it would be sheer illusion to think ... continuous administrative work can be carried out in any field except by means of officials working in offices.... The choice is only that between bureaucracy and dillettantism. Max Weber

Either one lives for politics or one lives off politics. Max Weber

Either one lives 'for' politics or one lives 'off' politics. Max Weber

This always confuses liberals, that conservatives like the military and don't like the bureaucracy. That's because the military has their guns pointed out and the bureaucracy has them pointed in. Grover Norquist

I really hate bureaucracy and the idea that I'm not a free person. Paloma Faith

Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy. Franz Kafka

Religion, to me, is a bureaucracy between man and God that I don't need. Bill Maher

There's so much in the 21st century that is stymied by bureaucracy and mediocrity and committee. Benedict Cumberbatch

The disease which inflicts bureaucracy and what they usually die from is routine. John Stuart Mill

The answer for healthcare is market incentives, not healthcare by a Godzilla-sized government bureaucracy. Mitt Romney

A mayor is a symbol and a public face of what a city bureaucracy provides its citizens. John Hickenlooper

Things there are no solution to: Inflation, bureaucracy & dandruff. Malcolm Forbes

We cannot meet 21st Century challenges with a 20th Century bureaucracy. Barack Obama

Bureaucracy by its nature resists change and nullifies progress. James Cook

Isaiah Berlin described the intellectuals of [Mikhail] Bakunin's "Red bureaucracy" as a "secular priesthood. Noam Chomsky

We have to make bureaucracy sexy. Jennifer Pahlka

The decisive means for politics is violence. Max Weber

The Truth is the Truth. Max Weber



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