Max Lucado Quotes God's Plan


The purpose of the Bible is simply to proclaim God's plan to save His children. Max Lucado

When we submit to God's plans, we can trust our desires. Our assignment is found at the intersection of God's plan and our pleasures. Max Lucado

The purpose of the Bible? Salvation. God's highest passion is to get His children home. His book, the Bible, describes His plan of salvation. The purpose of the Bible is to proclaim god's plan and passion to save His children. Max Lucado

There's no limit to God's love. Max Lucado

God's present is his presence. His greatest gift is himself. Max Lucado

The purpose of the Bible is simply to proclaim God's plan to save His children. It asserts that man is lost and needs to be saved. And it communicates the message that Jesus is the God in the flesh sent to save His children. Max Lucado

God is able to accomplish, provide, help, save, keep, subdue... He is able to do what you can't. He already has a plan. God's not bewildered. Go to Him. Max Lucado

See your enemies, not as God's failures, but as God's projects. Max Lucado

God's solution is a prayer away! Max Lucado

God's delight is received upon surrender, not awarded upon conquest. Max Lucado

It's against God's nature to remember forgiven sins Max Lucado

The Bible is God's Word given in man's language Max Lucado

We forget that IMPOSSIBLE is one of God's favorite words Max Lucado

God's mercies are new every morning. Receive them. Max Lucado

Fear corrodes our confidence in God's goodness. Max Lucado

Heaven is God's answer to any suffering you may face. Max Lucado

No person [should] walk out into the world to begin the day until he or she has stood beneath the cross to receive God's love. Max Lucado

God's love supply is never empty. Max Lucado

Your serenity matters to heaven. God's presence encapsulates your life. Max Lucado

We act like God's only good when the outcome is good. We say, 'We've got a good God because I've got a good job.' But what if I don't have a good job? Does that mean God's not good anymore? Max Lucado



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