Mask Poems Ex


When your ex says 'You'll never find anyone like me'. Say 'that's the point'. Drake

Whenever you want to marry someone, go have lunch with his ex-wife. Shelley Winters

Always avoid picking up hitch-hikers who are wearing a mask. Jack Adams

Fashion and riches will mask much annoyance... Christopher Pearse Cranch

Mortals are equal; their mask differs. Voltaire

For myself I don't like the geisha look. It's like a mask. Zhang Ziyi

Who says my poems are poems? My poems are not poems. When you know that my poems are not poems, Then we can speak of poetry. Ryokan

It turns out that there is nothing so 'ex' as an ex-politician, especially a defeated one. Your phone goes dead. Michael Ignatieff

One of my ex-husbands thought I had a breast job. They looked bigger. I just got the proper lingerie. Cybill Shepherd

...all cynicism masks a failure to cope. John Fowles

He wore his happiness like a mask and the girl had run off across the lawn with the mask and there was no way of going to knock on her door and ask for it back. Ray Bradbury

Life is but a mask worn on the face of death. And is death, then, but another mask? 'How many can say,' asks the Aztec poet, 'that there is, or is not, a truth beyond?' Joseph Campbell

I think I've been writing black poems all along, wearing my white mask. I'm always the victim ... but no longer! Anne Sexton

That men saw his mask, but the bishop saw his face. That men saw his life, but the bishop saw his conscience. Victor Hugo

The mask was a thing on it's own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-conciousness. William Golding

The human face is, after all, nothing more nor less than a mask. Agatha Christie

It doesn't ever occur to you, as you fashion your mask so carefully, that it will grow into your skin and graft itself, come to seem irremovable. Claire Messud

Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious Rumi

Often I think boys don't become men. Boys just get papier-mached inside a man's mask. Sometimes you can tell the boy is still in there. David Mitchell

First group impressions can mask a lot of individual variations in the members. Carolyn Hax



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