Marine Life Conservation Quotes


They are a fairly aggressive conservation organization that was started to protect the great whales particularly, but in general all marine life around the world. So those are the people I'm trying to attach my name to. Richard Dean Anderson

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans. Jacques Yves Cousteau

Without discipline, there is no Marine Corp. R Lee Ermey

I can never again see a UNITED STATES MARINE without experiencing a feeling of reverence. Edward Johnson

We also very importantly recommend continued growth in the Army and the Marine Corps end strength. John M Mchugh

A Marine is a Marine. I set that policy two weeks ago - there's no such thing as a former Marine. You're a Marine, just in a different uniform and you're in a different phase of your life. But you'll always be a Marine because you went to Parris Island, San Diego or the hills of Quantico. There's no such thing as a former Marine. James F Amos

Almost every Marine I've met says I portray a Marine dead-on, which is really, really flattering. Catherine Bell

I'm not scared of very much. I've been hit by lightning and been in the Marine Corps for four years. Lee Trevino

I wanted to be a marine biologist my whole life until I graduated high school. Cobie Smulders

Life should be built on the conservation of energy. Herbert M. Shelton

Back in the old Corp, we weren't training those privates to infiltrate into the peacetime Marine Corp. We were training those privates to go to Vietnam. R Lee Ermey

I was stationed at a marine recruit depot in San Diego from 1965 to 1967. R Lee Ermey

Look, many of us here are regular marines... I will die as a marine because that is my dream. Jerry Jones

The first time I ever played the trumpet in public, I played the Marine Hymn. I sounded terrible. Wynton Marsalis

There is a conservation of matter and of energy, there may be a conservation of life; or if not of life, of something which transcends life. Oliver Lodge

Throughout my professional life, I have looked upon the Corps as a most valuable part of our naval organization, and this opinion has only been the more confirmed by every year's additional experience in active service. Samuel Francis Du Pont

Animal protection is education to the humanity. Albert Schweitzer

The world's finest wilderness lies beneath the waves ... Robert Wyland

Mr Churchill, to what do you attribute your success in life? Conservation of energy. Never stand up when you can sit down. And never sit down when you can lie down. Winston Churchill

We will send ships and Marines as soon as possible for the protection of American life and property. Theodore Roosevelt



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