Making a Story Quotes


But there's a big difference between, say, reporting on a story and simply making up a story. Errol Morris

I want to be involved in a story that makes a difference. Jessica Chastain

It should therefore be difficult in a republic to declare war; but not to make peace. Joseph Story

I never know exactly where I'm going with a story, whether it's a short story or a novel. If I did I'd soon grow bored of it. The fun, for me, is in the finding out and the making sense of it. Nicholas Royle

Movie-making is telling a story with the best technology at your disposal. Tom Hanks

I don't know about making a passionate love story, even if it's appealing for an audience to see a husband and wife make love on the screen. Sandra Dee

The whole point of making a film is to tell a story. Ray Harryhausen

My first program taught me a lot about the errors that I was going to be making in the future, and also about how to find errors. That's sort of the story of my life, making errors and trying to recover from them. I try to get things correct. I probably obsess about not making too many mistakes. Donald Knuth

When you make movies, you have to be preoccupied with the social problems, otherwise there is no point in making a movie. To have a story, you need a social problem. Not necessarily a problem, but something to get the idea for a story, otherwise there's no story. Bruno Dumont

I think that when you're making a story... that's based on somebody, the filmmaker has his duty to do his research. Ryan Coogler

As an actor, you always want to feel like what you're doing is making a difference to the story. Matthew Lewis

I think back story can help guide your choices, but when you're playing a scene, you're not making choices; you're just intuitive. Willem Dafoe

Film 'This Changes Everything' is not a sad story. It's not a slit-your-wrists climate film. It's a story about people who are making change happen. Avi Lewis

You don't just have a story - you're a story in the making, and you never know what the next chapter's going to be. That's what makes it exciting. Dan Millman

It is gorgeously shot, and Andrew believes that the old school way of making films in the best way. Meaning: you have a story, and you stick to the story. You don't change and alter the story because of people who've invested in it and what to put product in a shot. Michael Berryman

The story of the decadence of the cathedral as a moral power, a spiritual energizer in civilization, is the sad but inevitable story of dogmatism. It is the story of the struggle of free thought with bigotry, religion making common cause with the wrong side. Jenkin Lloyd Jones

The magic happens when you take facts and figures, features and benefits, decks and PowerPoints - relatively soulless information - and embed them in the telling of a purposeful story. Your 'tell' renders an experience to your audience, making the information inside the story memorable, resonant and actionable. Peter Guber

Sometimes people get mad at The Simpsons' subversive story telling, but there's another message in there, which is a celebration of making wild, funny stories. Matt Groening

Big hooks have always been a part of American movie-making. So, to make a movie where you're just driving story through the characters without a high-concept is a challenge. Steve Pink

Whatever else I know, I know that if you invest love and care in any individual you can help them to make a difference, to write their own life story. Michael Gove



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