Making a Plan Quotes


Plan B. You've always got to have a Plan B. Sylvester Stallone

Formulate a specific game plan... the specific steps in making your intention come to life. Robert G Allen

I feel like it's God's plan for me to play football and make a difference in people's lives. Reggie Bush

Get past all the emotions that come along with the experience and get to the important stuff. Recognize what it is that you want, put a game plan together and take those steps to making a quality choice. Billy Kennedy

When you're making a reality show, you can't even plan a week ahead now. Simon Cowell

I plan on making a lot more records, and hopefully one of them will be Grammy worthy. Kesha

Making college affordable is a really important goal, and my plan will work better than Senator [Bernie] Sanders' plan by everybody who has looked at it. Hillary Clinton

This 'one big plan' thinking leads to a lot of the problems we're facing. Clara Mamet

I'm always surprised at what I actually end up doing movies because I don't have a strategy or a game plan, especially now that I'm making my own choices where to act. I love strange things; my favorite movies are weird, eclectic, and intriguing. Gemma Arterton

If you love writing or making music or blogging or any sort of performing art, then do it. Do it with everything you've got. Just don't plan on using it as a shortcut to making a living. Seth Godin

If Plan A isn't working, I have Plan B, Plan C, and even Plan D. Serena Williams

I've never had a good game plan. At a certain point, making independent films became more and more appealing to me because I like freshness and originality. Jonathan Demme

I want to make college debt-free and for families making less than $125,000, you will not get a tuition bill from a public college or university if the plan that I worked on with Bernie Sanders is enacted. Hillary Clinton

Motion picture making is a very, very involved affair. It is completely my baby. I'm a thorough professional. I plan films right from the conception of an idea to its final execution. Dev Anand

I'm always surprised at what I actually end up doing because I don't have a strategy or a game plan, especially now that I'm making my own choices. Gemma Arterton

I started, obviously, doing theater, and I always thought that I would; in a way, I always thought that I'd be a theater actor. When I was starting out, I didn't really plan on making films, actually. Chiwetel Ejiofor

I thought I would make it (to the NBA). I believed that I would make it. But I had a Plan B. I was going to get my Master's degree at Tulane University had it not worked out. I think the pressure of making it wasn't on me as great as some other players that had no other options. I was going to do something special in life and I wanted to play in the NBA. I had a backup plan but I went full speed ahead with my Plan A. Avery Johnson

I basically believe the medical insurance industry should be nonprofit, not profit-making. There is no way a health reform plan will work when it is implemented by an industry that seeks to return money to shareholders instead of using that money to provide health care. Diane Feinstein

An intelligent plan is the first step to success. The man who plans knows where he is going, knows what progress he is making and has a pretty good idea when he will arrive. Basil S. Walsh

I have been really enjoying making a project out of seeking out an extremely healthy diet of raw, organic, vegan foods - and I plan on continuing to do so. Steveo



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