Major League Quotes


My dream was to play Major League baseball. I've lived that dream. Scott Rolen

I played on the 2001 team, the team that won the most games in the history of Major League Baseball and also I played on one of the worst teams of Major League Baseball. Ichiro Suzuki

She'll be evaluated like any other Double-A umpire. Major League Baseball has never attempted to influence our decision Mike Fitzpatrick

Feeling is to lose a major league game. Chuck Tanner

The only dream I've ever had is to become a major league baseball player. Mark Teixeira

The chance to be a general manager in major-league baseball and for a franchise as storied as this one, probably as storied as the Giants, is great. Ned Colletti

Major League Baseball should retire Roberto Clemente's number, just like they did Jackie Robinson's. Carlos Beltran

Major League Baseball is a national institution and we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to how the game affects the lives of American youth. Bud Selig

Major league baseball is about the history of the game. Baseball history is so important. It's so much more than money. Joe Torre

I became a major league manager in several cities and was discharged. We call it discharged because there was no question I had to leave. Casey Stengel

Between me and my roommate, we've hit 400 Major League home runs. Bob Uecker

The fourth major league game I ever saw in person, I was in uniform Ryne Sandberg

I've always said, "You make a lot of money in Major League Baseball, and it's all guaranteed, so what do you have to lose by going all out?" . Prince Fielder

I played for nine different teams throughout my 22-year major league career and I loved every moment of every team. Goose Gossage

My motive, and I will make it clear and look you in the eyes, is to attack major league baseball. That's my motive. Jose Canseco

My major league debut came at old Busch Stadium on Grand Avenue in St. Louis against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Steve Carlton

Too many kids today are playing major league ball and don't belong there. Joe Dimaggio

I don't want to be a Major League coach. Barry Bonds

I think it's a natural fit, major league baseball and country music. Joe Nichols

The greatest feeling in the world is to win a major league game. The second-greatest feeling is to lose a major league game. Chuck Tanner



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