Low Budget Quotes


Low budget movies make lots of money. Orlando Bloom

Look, I've done some low-budget movies and I've done some big-budget movies, and the big-budget movies were always kind of disorganized. John Corbett

People gravitate occasionally to the brilliantly made art low budget films, which is maybe one out of every five hundred low budget films made. Roger Corman

My feeling is, I do a lot of low-budget films. I don't do low-budget acting. I have no interest in just goofballing my way through, thinking, 'Ah, no one's ever going to see this anyway.' Lance Henriksen

What's frustrating to me is when, on a low-budget movie, people don't take chances. A big-budget movie, that script's your bible; nobody's going to risk going off the page. But when you're doing a very low-budget film, why not take some chances, intellectually, artistically? Lance Henriksen

The movie of my life must be really low budget. Jim Butcher

To make a low-budget independent is not easy work. W. Earl Brown

A low budget is uncomfortable. Lukas Haas

On a low-budget film, you don't have all the luxuries. Lukas Haas

Talking to other people who make low-budget movies, everyone kind of has the same struggle. Zoe Cassavetes

When you do a low budget movie, you get a little over-ambitious. Glenn Ficarra

Mid-range to low-budget movies have to have a name in the lead to get financing for it. Joel Kinnaman

I hope to always be doing some low budget things. Rider Strong

Tender Mercies is a very low-budget film, but it was a huge budget compared to anything I had done in Australia. My fee for Tender Mercies was something like five times all of my Australian films combined. Bruce Beresford

I just want to make films that have enough of a budget to pull off high-level imagery but also have a budget that is low enough that I can do what I want. Neill Blomkamp

Maybe it's just a matter of getting older and being aware that the market for medium-budget and low-budget films, which is of course what I spent most of my life making, has diminished. And maybe the quantity of ideas has diminished a little bit. Roger Corman

Japanese animation tends to need high budgets. If I have a high budget for a movie, I usually make animation, but if the project has a low budget, then I would ask the producer to consider live action. Mamoru Oshii

We love making movies. We got into the business to make movies. At the end of the day, whether you're doing a low budget film or a big budget film, you want it to do well and you want people to see it. That's the whole point. You want to put some kind of message in it. Liam Hemsworth

People talk about the difference between working on stage and working on film. I think you could say that there are as many differences between working on low budget films and working on big budget films. You really are doing the same thing, but at the same time you're doing something vastly different as well. Joel Edgerton

On a really big budget movie you do chemistry reads, and you sort of hedge your bets a little bit more and make sure that these people get along. But on the low budget side of things, I have to trust my gut that when I cast these people, the various elements are going to play together. Joe Swanberg



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