Love Quotes with English Spanish Translation


I was raised speaking English and Spanish. And I also speak Danish. And I can get by in French and Italian. I've acted in Spanish and English, but when something has to do with emotions, sometimes I feel I can get to the heart of the matter better in Spanish. Viggo Mortensen

When you sing in English and Spanish, it's two completely different forms of expression and... even the people who don't speak Spanish love to hear me sing in Spanish. Gloria Estefan

I love the song 'El Rey.' And for years, I never knew what the song was totally about. It was something new for me. I'd never sung a song in Spanish before. Then I got the translation and saw what a really cool song it was. George Strait

When you sing in English and Spanish, it's two completely different forms of expression and . . . even the people who don't speak Spanish love to hear me sing in Spanish. Gloria Estefan

Do not speak unless you can improve the silence. Edmund Muskie

Do not speak unless you can improve on silence, said a Buddhist sage. Tim Ward

I must confess, my Spanish is not so good - except I read a little, so I started with the English but then determined that it would have to be in Spanish. George Crumb

Love is that splendid triggering of human vitality the supreme activity which nature affords anyone for going out of himself toward someone else. Jose Ortega Y Gasset

I write in English first, and then I translate to Spanish. I've always felt more comfortable with the English side of things first. Jon Secada

My Spanish is getting a little bit loose. Sometimes I go to Spain and after I've been talking with my folks for a while... you start changing the verb for the adjective, for example, which is a common thing between Spanish and English. I change that sometimes but after a couple days there, boom, I'm back. Antonio Banderas

I speak English and Spanish. I write in Spanish; my books are published in English. Isabel Allende

And I always read the English translation and always have conversations with my translator, for example about the names. I always have to approve it. Cornelia Funke

Aimer, ce n'est point nous regarder l'un l'autre, mais regarder ensemble dans la meme direction. English Translation: To love is not to look at each other, But to look together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

My first language is both English and Spanish. My mom was raised in Los Angeles, so with her we spoke English, but my father was born in Cuba, so with him we spoke Spanish. Jencarlos Canela

We all need to stomp out balkanization. No Spanish radio stations, no Spanish billboards, no Spanish TV stations, no Spanish newspapers. This is America, speak English. John Huppenthal

I have an all-Japanese design team, and none of them speak English. So it's often funny and surprising how my ideas end up lost in translation. Pharrell Williams

I was also in love with the English language. Dick Schaap

I remember, the first time I came to the United States in 1996, I didn't speak a word of English at the beginning. I am very thankful for this country and the opportunity music has given me... My three kids were born here in Miami; they speak Spanish at home, but English with all their friends. Juanes

Always when I write my music, I take my guitar, and I improvise always with a melody, you know, lyrics in Spanish. But sometimes I use some words in English. I don't know why. Maybe because I listen to a lot of music in English. Juanes

He speaks English, Spanish, and he's bilingual too. Don King



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