Love Quotes for Her Future


We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future. Robin S. Sharma

Waste not fresh tears over old griefs. Euripides

It keeps her purity vacum-sealed to preserve its freshness for her future husband. Libba Bray

Her joy with him was like nothing she had ever experienced. His love for her felt like a miracle. Elizabeth Chandler

Love is content with the present, it hopes for the future and it doesn't brood over the past. Ann Landers

If you own pornography of any kind, for the love of your future spouse, trash it immediately. Jason Evert

The feminine always seems chaotic and complicated from the perspective of the masculine. The next time you notice yourself trying to fix your woman so that she will no longer __ (fill in the blank), relax and give her love by touching her and telling her that you love her when she is this way (whatever you filled in the blank with). Embrace her, or wrestle with her, or scream and yell for the heck of it, but make no effort to bring an end to that which pisses you off. Practice love instead of trying to bring an end to the quality that bothers you. You can't escape the tussle with the feminine. Learn to find humour in the unending emotional drama the feminine seems to enjoy so much. The love that you magnify may realign her behaviour, but your effort to fix her and your frustration never will. The world and your woman will always present you with unforeseen challenges. You are either living fully, giving your gift in the midst of those challenges, even today, or you are waiting for an imaginary future which will never come. David Deida

When a woman's heart is flowing over for the first time with deep and passionate love, she is all love. Every faculty of her soul rushes together in the intensity of the one feeling; thought, reflection, conscience, duty, the past, the future, they are names to her light as the breath which speaks them; her soul is full. James Anthony Froude

To see her is to love her, And love but her forever; For nature made her what she is, And never made anither! Robert Burns

There is no distance on this earth as far away as yesterday. Robert Nathan

There is no other love like a mother's love for her child, Celine Dion

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. George Bernard Shaw

I loved her for so long. Our past trails behind us like a comet's tail, the future stretched out before us like the universe. Things happen. People get lost and love breaks. Jonathan Tropper

There is only one real tragedy in a woman's life. The fact that her past is always her lover, and her future invariably her husband. Oscar Wilde

Dad never ceased to remind my mother of his love for her, John Carter Cash

His love for her was so deeply woven with resentment that he could not untangle the two. Kim Edwards

At thirty years a woman asks her lover to give her back the esteem she has forfeited for his sake; she lives only for him, her thoughts are full of his future, he must have a great career, she bids him make it glorious; she can obey, entreat, command, humble herself, or rise in pride; times without number she brings comfort when a young girl can only make moan. Honore De Balzac

My mother and her plans for my future. She had it all worked out. I would attend a nice college, then get a job in advertising. "You'll be one of those smart-looking fellows in their Madison Avenue suits." And I rebelled against [my mother] and her values and her plans for my future at every opportunity. George Carlin

His love for her was a gift he gave her daily, expecting nothing in return. He walked at her side, his love for her a torch to guide her footsteps along the dark path she walked. Margaret Weis

I love you as one loves certain dark things. Pablo Neruda



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