Losing Uncle Quotes


Garrett must have sensed I was awake. "Hey Detective," he said to Uncle Bob, who was now trudging across the grating toward us. "I think we're losing her. I have no choice but to perform mouth-to-mouth." "Don't you dare," I said, my lids still in lockdown. Darynda Jones

Life is about losing everything, gracefully. Mia Farrow

Find yourself by losing yourself for others. Mahatma Gandhi

We must protect ourselves from jihadis without losing ourselves. Rand Paul

Losing is no disgrace if you've given your best. Jim Palmer

When I go to China, people call me 'Uncle Mo' because they refer me as Yao Ming's uncle. I'm pleased to be his uncle as long as he listens to me! Dikembe Mutombo

I don't feel bad about losing. Kinky Friedman

We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity Megan Fox

Losing honour or losing everything, it is all the same thing in the realm of the good people. Mehmet Murat Ildan

Losing money is a big loss, losing friends is greater than the loss, also lost all faith is lost Eleanor Roosevelt

We lost because we told ourselves we lost. Leo Tolstoy

To Dare is to risk losing your foothold for a moment, Not to Dare is to risk losing yourself. Soren Kierkegaard

It's the good loser who finally loses out. Kin Hubbard

The blues is losing someone you love and not having enough money to immerse yourself in drink. Henry Rollins

Money alone isn't enough to bring happiness... happiness is when you're actually truly ok with losing everything you have. Tony Hsieh

Eddie Robinson is about one word: winning and losing. Paul Collier

Commitment means losing yourself to gain something temporary. Nothing lasts. Not looks. Not love. Ellen Hopkins

I have had the privilege of losing everything. Byron Katie

Losing love is like a window in your heart... Paul Simon

Before we talk about further accessions, we have to consolidate the European Union internally. People are increasingly losing faith in the EU's effectiveness. Martin Schulz



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