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I have a new hobby and it's pretty much logging. Eric Church

The Spy Act prohibits keystroke logging, hijacking, and phishing. Cliff Stearns

These aren't like logging roads to get those blades in there. They're greater than 40 feet in width, almost like a superhighway. Jim Michaels

Making a logging-road in the Maine woods is called "swamping" it, and they who do the work are called "swampers." I now perceivedthe fitness of the term. This was the most perfectly swamped of all the roads I ever saw. Nature must have cooperated with art here. Henry David Thoreau

I want to get that same feeling that everybody logging on to our website is sharing a little bit of an inside joke, and the rest of the world is oblivious to it although I want to have most of the world. Stan Lee

But when you have bad governance, of course, these resources are destroyed: The forests are deforested, there is illegal logging, there is soil erosion. I got pulled deeper and deeper and saw how these issues become linked to governance, to corruption, to dictatorship. Wangari Maathai

Sometimes I wish I never found the Internet. Sometimes I regret getting a laptop and Wi-Fi for logging into the Internet because it is such a distraction. If you have any addictive personality, the Internet will magnify it. Lupe Fiasco

Tourism, viticulture and agriculture, logging and mining, ranching and manufacturing and ever-increasing numbers of small and medium-sized businesses are just a few of the industries, within this diverse riding, that help maintain a growing economy. Stockwell Day

A recent report by UNEP and Interpol estimated that between 50 to 90 per cent of logging in key tropical countries of the Amazon basin, Central Africa and South East Asia is being carried out by organized crime. This threatens not only attempts to eradicate poverty and deforestation but also efforts to combat climate change. Achim Steiner

For millennia the two-million acre redwood ecosystem thrived and sheltered myriad species of life. In the last 150 years, 97 percent of the original redwood forests have been destroyed by timber corporations. ... Big business cut-and-run logging operations have instilled a false dichotomy: jobs versus the environment. Julia Hill

Where past generations had film cameras, scrapbooks, notebooks, and that part of the brain which stores memories, we now have a smartphone app for every conceivable recording need. The thing is, all that time you spend logging and then curating the quotidian aspects of your daily life is time taken away from actually doing things. Graydon Carter

So, very early reports are that Obamacare exchanges are, as expected, having some technical glitches on the first day - maybe even a bit worse than expected, because it appears that volume has been much bigger than predicted. Here's what you need to know: this is good, not bad, news for the program. Lots of people logging on and signing up on the very first day is an early indication that it's going to be fine, that plenty of people will sign up for the first year of health reform. Paul Krugman

There is an enormous difference between growing old in the Lord and growing up in Him. One is automatic and requires no effort at all ... just aging. But the other is never automatic, or easy. It calls for personal discipline, continual determination, and spiritual desire. Churches are full of sleepy saints who are merely 'logging time' in God's family. Charles R Swindoll

If Africa is left behind, she is going to continue pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, especially carbon. She's going to continue logging the forests, she's going to continue burning charcoal, she is going to continue practicing agricultural activities that destroy the environment, and sooner or later Africa's problem will become a global problem. Wangari Maathai

I like to say I have Internet Immorality. From the beginning of the "internet famous" era until now, I've evolved and went with the flow of change, always changing my makeup looks, fashion, and vision. My brand has grown so fast from social media and I don't know how life would be without be logging onto MySpace for the first time 10 years ago! Jeffree Star

I always felt mean, jogging back over the logging road,As if I had broken the natural order of things in that swampland;Disturbed some rhythm, old and of vast importance,By pulling off flesh from the living planet;As if I had committed, against the whole scheme of life, a desecration. Theodore Roethke

China is responsible for a lot of the major conservation issues we're facing. It's the main market for rhino horn. Tigers are being killed for tiger bone wine. They're driving the tropical timber trade and illegal logging in Indonesia, and the trade in tropical reef fish. Mark Carwardine

Despite the constant clamor for attention from the modern world, I do believe we need to procure a psychological space for ourselves. I apparently know some people who try to achieve this by logging off or going without their Twitter or Facebook for a limited period. Alan Moore

The economic base of that rural Oregon area used to be manufacturing and logging. And that went away and they feel nobody has been speaking to them and finally Donald Trump has spoken to them. Tucker Carlson

If chess is a vast jungle, computers are the chainsaws in a giant environmentally insensitive logging company. Nigel Short



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