Life Sucks and Then You Die


Life sucks, and then you die... Stephenie Meyer

Life sucks, then you die. Then it sucks again. Tonya Hurley

The world's bumper sticker reads: Life sucks, and then you die. Perhaps Christian bumper stickers should read: Life sucks, but then you find hope and you ca' wait to die. Ted Dekker

The world's bumper sticker reads: Life sucks, and then you die. Perhaps Christian bumper stickers should read: Life sucks, but then you find hope and you can't wait to die. Ted Dekker

When life sucks, read. They can't yell at you for that. And if they do, then you can ignore them. Laurie Halse Anderson

Most people think, "Life sucks, and then you die." I disagree. I think life sucks. Then you get cancer. Then you go into chemotherapy. You lose all your hair, you feel bad about yourself. Then all of the sudden the cancer goes into remission, and then all of the sudden you have a stroke. You can't move your right side. And then, maybe, you die. Denis Leary

We are living in a world in which we don't give the young enough reason to live. The temper and the lyrics of a lot of punk music and so on is very, life sucks and then you die, sort of theory. I feel life is cheaper and death is more attractive now than it was when I was an adolescent, as I remember. Suicide was a personal pathology when it was committed. There was no society approval of it, like there certainly is in Palestine and some quarters of Iraq. John Updike

Whenever life sucks, remember you're going to die someday. Oscar Wilde

Life is like an onion: you peel off layer after layer and then you find there is nothing in it. James Huneker

Once you convince people that they're victims, you really own them because you've just told them that whatever problems they have in life, it's not their fault. And then you're telling them they can't fix them by themselves. Look at your life. Your life sucks. You're a victim of these people here, you can't fix it. You need us looking out for you. "Us" being the Democrat Party in this case, the people that go out and get votes. Rush Limbaugh

I should have died when I was sixteen, when I planned to commit suicide. And I was an atheist until then. I was an atheist, and what the heck, if life sucks what do you have to live for? If you're an atheist, it's just about living, you know? So at the time, I didn't want to wake up anymore and then seriously, God chased me down and proved that he was real and that he loved me. Lacey Mosley

God knows life sucks. It's right there in the Bible. The book of Job is all about Job asking God to take away pain and misery. And God says, "I can't take away pain and misery because then no one would talk to me." Bill Maher

The reason we love nature is because it's fascinating and we love all the creatures, but if you watch any nature film, there's always a lesson: "the creatures are all dying and life sucks." The same is true of literature. T.C. Boyle

If you think your life sucks, it probably does. Do something about it. Chris Crutcher

I believe pain is nature's way of saying, 'You're still alive, and life sucks.' Bill Engvall

It sucks that we miss people like that. You think you've accepted that someone is out of your life, that you've grieved and it's over, and then bam. One little thing, and you feel like you've lost that person all over again. Rachel Hawkins

I wasn't exactly uncomfortable when I did my first comedy. I was just very aware of the risks; if you do a comedy that sucks, and you suck in it, then you won't get a chance to do it again. Donnie Wahlberg

I don't care who wins because I go to sporting events to scream. It's the one place on the planet you can shout anything you want. You can bellow at will, and nobody will bother you. I yell things like, 'My life sucks! Dan Quayle is a schmuck! If I don't have sex soon, I'm going to explode!' Parents turn to their kids as I leave the stadium and go, 'Hey, there goes a great fan. Lewis Black

Although it is a gloomy view to suppose that life will die out, sometimes when I contemplate the things that people do with their lives I think it is almost a consolation Bertrand Russell

Life is hard, and then you die. Erik Naggum



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