Life Quote Will Find a Way


Life will find a way. Michael Crichton

If you haven't time to help youngsters find the right way in life, somebody with more time will help them find the wrong way. Frank A Clark

If a quote changes your life in a good way, keep it in your mind and in your heart to give it to someone else too! Mehmet Murat Ildan

They say love will find a way. I know determination will. Ronnie Milsap

The best things in life are free, but sooner or later the government will find a way to tax them. Anonymous

Love will find a way. Indifference will find an excuse. Anonymous

The research in Ralph Keyes' The Quote Verifier is impressive, and each conclusion is like the solution to a real-life historical mystery. Who knew a reference book could be so entertaining? Will Shortz

Love will find a way against time itself. Sylvia Day

George Clooney says that I'm "the last of your kind." That's a nice quote. I kind of like that quote. I'm a guy who shakes your hand and will never let you down. I have a code of honor and I don't lie. I have a code of honor about life and that's what he meant. And you don't need a contract with me. Jerry Weintraub

and if there is a way to find you, I will find you. but will you find me if Neil makes me a tree Tori Amos

But whatever you do, find the God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated passion of your life, and find your way to say it and live for it and die for it. And you will make a difference that lasts. You will not waste your life. John Piper

The great gift of a spiritual path is coming to trust that you can find a way to true refuge. You realize that you can start right where you are, in the midst of your life, and find peace in any circumstance. Even at those moments when the ground shakes terribly beneath you-when there's a loss that will alter your life forever-you can still trust that you will find your way home. This is possible because you've touched the timeless love and awareness that are intrinsic to who you are. Tara Brach

William H. Macy has said, and I don't think I can quote him verbatim, but he's said many times before to not buy into the hype, the Hollywood appeal. To find yourself as a person, as a family man, to find your own happiness, and not to allow your ego to get in the way of your work. Cameron Monaghan

People say "God will find a way." God can't find a way if you're in the way. Bill Cosby

Get on stage. A lot. Try stuff. Make your best stab and keep stabbing. If it's there in your heart, it will eventually find its way out. Or you will give up and have a prudent, contented life doing something else. Raymond Joseph Teller

There is a story, always ahead of you. Barely existing. Only gradually do you attach yourself to it and feed it. You discover the carapace that will contain and test your character. You will find in this way the path of your life. Michael Ondaatje

What concerns me fundamentaly is a meteoric burlesk melodrama, born of the immemorial adage love will find a way. E E Cummings

A man who wants to do something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse. Stephen Dooley, Jr.

If the house of the world is dark, Love will find a way to create windows. Rumi

What's meant to be will always find a way. Trisha Yearwood



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